Pairing Still Wines with Oysters

When talking about oysters, the first pairing that comes to mind is champagne, but in reality oysters perfectly lends themselves to pairing with still wines as well. Here are three wine pairings recommended by Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni to best enhance the taste of oysters.

Oysters with Verdicchio

Verdicchio Classico Superiore Fontevecchia 2018 Casalfarneto

“Verdicchio at the top of the category for wine pairing presented by Casalfarneto. The best performer is the Verdicchio Classico Superiore Fontevecchia 2018, among the best Italian wines for the trifecta of texture, persuasiveness and fragrance it reveals with such power and clarity of aroma. It oscillates between the Verdicchio so olfactorily resplendent, and the white peach and the pear. What a mighty intensity and depth of aroma. What limpid definition from excellent transformative enology. Attention not only to fermentation meets the careful care that the fruit not be oxidized or burnished by a too-late insistent sun. Lymphatic and still, rich and therefore glycerinous to the palatet. A great wine of virtuous gustatory souplesse and magical integrity of aroma. A champion of an expressive floral power.”

Oysters with Friulano or Sauvignon Vert

Livon Friulano

Livon Friulano “Of increasing value is Livon’s white wine offering. Increasingly stainless and limpid wines, from the varietal admirably expressed also by the quality of the cultivation selection.” Among these, Livon’s Friulano, recommended by Luca Maroni for wine pairing with oysters, has a straw-yellow color with characteristic greenish highlights and a distinctive bouquet, with a delicate aroma and hint of almond. The flavor is full-bodied, dry and harmonious.

Oysters with Riesling

Riesling Aristos Cantina Valle Isarco

“Great wines with great fruit proposed by Cantina Valle Isarco. What a treasure of aroma the native grapes, what crystalline oenological transformations. Everywhere maximum cleanliness and stainless splendor of the different varietal olfactory profiles. With notes of geranium and apricot in the Riesling Aristos, of absolute purity and turgidity.”

The color of the wine pairing recommended by Maroni to accompany the oysters fluctuates between greenish and light yellow; on the palate it is fresh, fine, spicy, with a remarkable and refined structure, while the nose is delicate, elegant and mineral, with hints of peach, apricot and quince.

Pairing Still Wines with Oysters

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