Wines to Pair with Prawn Tartare

A carefully prepared prawn tartare is a refined and elegant dish that encapsulates all the flavour of the sea. Yet, choosing a wine to pair with it isn’t always easy. Here are the recommendations of Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni.

Prawn Tartare with Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Doc Superiore Luzano 2018 Marotti Campi

“Verdicchio and Lacrima demonstrate varietal, indigenous splendour in this glass of Marotti Campi. The 2018 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Doc Superiore Luzano is extremely soft.” Straw yellow in colour with lemon-green highlights, the wine releases aromas of acacia, broom, wild flowers and chamomile along with typical notes of bitter almond. On the palate it is dry, sapid, with a hint of minerality, and fruity notes of green apple ending with a pleasantly almond finish.

Prawn Tartare with Franciacorta Docg Lantieri Satén Lantieri de Paratico

Among the most balanced and integral Franciacorta wines is the champion of Lantieri De Paratico.The Franciacorta Docg Lantieri Satén, which with its usual silky touch deepens its aromatic, elegant presentation. Its extractive charge is admirable: thick glycerine, golden, sumptuous colour. On the nose there is sweetness and there is bread crust. This, while the two vices that are often recurring in a few sparkling wines – a certain sulphurous sharpness of perfume and hints of oxidation of aroma – are completely dormant. And, if we add to this virtuosity of oenological transformation the density of its consistency, the alcoholic power of its expression, and the remarkable softness of its full maturity, we get a clear idea of the vigorous expression of its pulpy fruit. A grape of exceptional smoothness of froth and flavour, of absolutely first-class cleanliness, with caresses of pear pulp and grapes of stupendous harmony and purity.”

Wines to Pair with Prawn Tartare

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