Pairing Wines with Agnolotti del Plin

Delicious little bundles of fresh pasta filled with braised meat: Agnolotti del Plin, are a typical Piedmontese specialty. Refined in flavors, which wine pairing goes best with this dishSensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni recommends three oenological gems.

Agnolotti del Plin with a Dolcetto

Dolcetto d’Alba Doc Enrico Serafino

“Congratulations to Enrico Serafino, who offers in a rich and articulate series, more than one great wine.Throughout, the oenological execution is very sharp, letting the grape transpire-transferring its characteristics clearly and uncorruptedly with its native power of aroma.”

Dolcetto d’Alba Doc, a wine chosen by Luca Maroni to pair with Agnolotti del Plin, has a deep ruby-red color. On the nose, it is fruity, vinous, and delicious with hints of small red fruits. On the palate, it is soft, fine, and medium-bodied, with a pleasant Dolcetto grape flavor.

Dolcetto di Dogliani San Matteo Eraldo Revelli

“Eraldo Revelli presents a great lineup with this very lively Dolcetto di Dogliani San Matteo.”

It is characterized by an intense ruby color, with impenetrable violet hues. It denotes aromas of remarkable personality, austere, and, at the same time, of great finesse. The taste aspect is also important: soft, rich, harmonious, and with lengthy persistence.

Agnolotti del Plin with a Sangiovese

Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore S Fattoria Monticino Rosso

“Constant density in every glass of Fattoria Monticino Rosso, a factor especially present, and in the case of the really high tenor reds. This is an excellent wine with much in softness as well as executive enological sharpness.”

Immediate aromas that identify the beauty of the Romagna terroir for the Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore S. The nose is of good intensity and persistence: cherries, black cherries under spirits, coffee, then come the flowers that bloom sweetly, in the shadow of undergrowth with moss and wild strawberries. The finish is dry, with hints of fruit cooked in sugar and light spices. The palate has a good balance between the “gentle” and the more “nervous” parts, highlighting the main characteristic of the grape variety. It has a good fullness of body and a well-modulated acidity that continues to tickle the palate for a long time. The tannin is perfectly integrated into the structure, firm, and fine-grained.

Luca Maroni

Pairing Wines with Agnolotti del Plin

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