Pairing Wines with Cannelloni

Who doesn’t love tucking into this classic Italian stuffed pasta? Homemade and warm from the oven with the balance of creamy and stringy cheeses mixed with fresh pasta and tomato sauce, this is a dish that is hard to ever resist. As famous abroad as it is in Italy, where it often takes center stage for family gatherings and large Sunday lunches, the recipe most likely had is origin as a poor dish that was a collection of leftovers, often served during holidays. Standing the test of time as a favorite of Italian cuisine, this pasta deserves an equally timeless wine pairing, and Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni has a few to suggest.

Cannelloni with Piedirosso – Piedirosso Taburno Sannio 2017 Fattoria La Rivolta

“Uniquely excellent wines from Fattoria La Rivolta, a glass that has grown in appreciation especially in the area of enological executive and oxidative integrity. Indeed, these wines of the wonderful olfactory cleanliness of Piedirosso Taburno Sannio 2017 bestow a wonderful and new, pure sense of fruit.”

Cannelloni with wines from Monferrato – Limpronta Ruché di Castagnole di Monferrato Doc 2016 Montalbera

“As always, it is the enological executive sharpness combined with top quality viticulture that is the origin of the admirable fragrance in the glass of Montalbera – Terra del Ruché. A stainless clarity of aroma that always exalts the varietal aroma of the raw material, and therefore of the wines.” Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG, chosen by Maroni to be matched with cannelloni, is a wine with an unmistakable character. It has pleasant floral scents of rose and violet, fruity notes of apricot and a spicy aroma which emerges with the evolution, making it immediately recognizable in the glass.

Canelloni with Brunello – San Giovanni Battista Brunello di Montalcino Da Vinci I Capolavori

“The best Italian viticultural and oenological gems in versions of pure substantial value in the Da Vinci I Capolavori range. Wines with uncommon analytical and sensorial qualities, proposed in the guise and name of an equally admirable, Leonardo-like, formal beauty. The integral and vivid San Giovanni Battista Brunello di Montalcino is at the top of the denomination thanks to its harmonious softness of taste, its enological executive clarity and the majestic density of its color.”

Pairing Wines with Cannelloni

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