Pairing Wines with Caviar Canapés

A refined and tasty appetizer perfect to serve for a special occasion or as an entrée for a romantic dinner for two: caviar canapés, exquisite bites that merit the perfect wine pairing. Here is the advice of Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni for wine pairing with caviar canapés.

Caviar Canapés and a Franciacorta Brut

L’ÈBU Franciacorta Brut

L’ è bù in the area of Franciacorta nestled in the lake region of northern Italy, means it’s good: Franciacorta Brut L’ÈBU expresses this concept in full. An exquisite cuvée made from a blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot that is slowly aged into a complex, round Franciacorta that benefits from extraordinary freshness and an intense, delicate and persistent perlage. The result is a bubbly with a balanced aroma, a light straw yellow color, an intense bead of fine and persistent perlage, a well-harmonized bouquet in its aromatic complexity, and a fresh, full, and persistent palate.

Caviar Canapés
Caviar Canapés

Caviar Canapés and a Moscato

Moscato di Terracina Doc Secco Oppidum Cantina Sant’Andrea

“This is a glass of fruit in ever more exceptional evidence from Cantina Sant’Andrea. The exceptional aroma of its Moscato grapes is best expressed in the Moscato di Terracina Doc Secco Oppidum, a wine of olfactory clarity and intensity of aroma with a rare floral fragrance.”

The second wine proposed by Luca Maroni for pairing with the caviar canapés has a deep straw yellow color, an exuberant and typical bouquet, and a unique and persuasive marriage of flowers and fruit. Sweet on the nose but dry on the palate, with good structure, and pleasantly savory, it leaves the mouth with the pleasure of the grapes from which it comes.

Cantina Sant’Andrea

Caviar Canapés and a Prosecco

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Millesimato Oroperla Provinco  

“It is difficult to find a wine made by Provinco that is not of excellent analytical and sensory quality. These are excellent sparkling wines with an enveloping nose that are lively and creamy. Acidity and smoothness are in perfect balance, with a freshness and aromatic clarity that speak of great executive oenology.”


Luca Maroni

Pairing Wines with Caviar Canapés

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