Pairing Wines with Sea Bream in Salt

Fresh roasted sea bream (porgy) in salt is light dish that is simple yet sophisticated and calls for a wine that offers balance with the same characteristics. Crisp flavors of vine and sea come together in these pairings to highlight the best of both. Here are three options from Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni.

Sea Bream in Salt with a Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Aquilis Friuli Aquileia Doc Ca’ Bolani

“Sauvignon Aquilis Friuli Aquileia Doc from Ca’ Bolani confirms itself as a champion of rare analytical and sensory value. Truly dazzling on the nose, enveloping and terse in its florally evident varietal, that hints of sage, menthol, and the new sweetness of a young sap from the vine. There is a balance of its components from the start with the soft fruitiness that comes with every sip and every contact whether olfactory or gustatory.

This wine is the result of a dense grape, ripe without being blanched, intense without being excessively burned by alcohol, clear for its original peach aromaticity – a great wine rendered with oenological transparency of superior clarity. This is great persuasiveness, residual oxidative integrity of spectacular vigor.”

Ca’ Bolani

Sea Bream in Salt with a Falanghina

Falanghina Enzo Rillo Tenuta La Fortezza

Falanghina Enzo Rillo Tenuta La Fortezza “A glass of superior viticultural and enological value is confirmed from La Fortezza. The Falanghina Enzo Rillo is a wine at the top of its value for its softness and distinctiveness – characteristics that make it a winner.”

La Fortezza

Sea Bream in Salt with a Spumante Extra Brut

AlpeRegis Extra Brut Trento Doc Rotari Spumante

“All of the wines presented by Rotari offer excellent sensorial value – foremost for their rare extractive texture that accentuates a froth that is airy and light, like cream to the touch. Hence never oxidized or nutty to the nose, testifying to their enological executive sharpness. Among the best, the AlpeRegis Extra Brut TrentoDoc stands out.

The frothiness of the wine is undoubtedly enhanced by its smoothness; it is intensified by the persuasive taste, amplified by an olfactory vis as sharp as it is fragrant. The cream of pear and grape from its softness springs alive, and its fizzing softness becomes cream. Not a dark edge, nor a rusticity on the nose; never on the palate a desiccating or aggressive acid force – but great harmony, from freshness and persuasiveness.

And if then to the frothiness thus detected is added an extractive texture of rare, admirable compositional richness, then the froth mounts briskly to majesty of nature. Among the most persuasive and crisp Metodo Classico of the year, a wine of great viticulture and irreproachable enology.”


Luca Maroni

Pairing Wines with Sea Bream in Salt

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