Pairing Wines with Fried Fish

A classic summer dish perfect to enjoy while enjoying a sea view: fish fry. But which wine to pair with it? Here are three wines recommended by wine sensory analyst Luca Maroni.

Fried Fish with a Prosecco

Prosecco Superiore Cartizze Dry Bisol

“With the various achievements of Bisol Viticoltori in Valdobbiadene since 1542, we are at the top of the value of Prosecco. Indeed, this is the winery that offers the opportunity to taste Prosecco in virtuous and original versions, such as Prosecco Superiore Cartizze Dry, and here, given its pulpy texture, its suffused softness, its limpid, stainless livery, the pleasantness of its frothy cream of the purest grapes is felt bright and very high in its native splendor of aroma.” Bisol

Fried Fish with a Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo Novaserra Mastroberardino

“Of splendid analytical and sensory value is Mastroberardino’s selection of wines. A Greco di Tufo Novaserra that expresses this variety’s pulpy, majestic melon extractive at the pinnacles of maturity and expressive juiciness.” Mastroberardino

The second wine indicated by Luca Maroni for pairing with fried fish has an intense pale yellow color. The nose features characters of apricot, pear, apple, peach, citrus, green almond, with hints of sage and mineral hints. Excellent acidity and sensations reminiscent of ripe fruits are appreciated on the palate. A great wine with structure and marked savoriness.

Fried Fish with a Pecorino

Pecorino Offida Davore Le Canà

“Spectacular in terms of cleanliness and residual oxidative integrity are the aromas offered by Le Canà wines. The Pecorino Offida Davore is certainly the sharpest and most integral of the variety and vintage as far as varietal purity of release is concerned. Le Canà  

Exceptional taste persuasiveness, fabulous power of fruit and flower on the nose. In a terse, fresh olfactory air, the alcoholic degree sparkles, distilling scents, wrapping its dense extract in glycerin, wafting grape and melon aroma, fabulous in power and fragrance.

On the palate this softness registers the density of the pulp, balanced by the juxtaposition of acidity and roundness of taste, with a complete absence of bitterness. Its lengthy finish persuasively echoes its crisp, pulpy fruit aroma. The wine demonstrates stupendous executive enology that makes it a great wine, among the best whites of the year.”

Pairing Wines with Fried Fish

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