Meet the Pantone Color 2024 that Symbolizes Optimism and Peace

The Pantone Color 2024 is here – hello Peach Fuzz 13-1023. Selected by the  Pantone Color Institute this year’s hue is a soft warming blend of pink and orange that embodies the world as it awakens to its warmer months.

Calm, enveloping, and empathetic, Peach Fuzz evokes an inner balance where kindness and understanding coexist – both towards ourselves and others. It is a sophisticated and romantic yet contemporary color that looks to the future with optimism and a concrete desire for peace.

6 Design Creations to Add a Touch of the Pantone Color 2024 Peach Fuzz 

This alluring color can be easy to add to the home either through small objects, grand new furnishings, or with new fabrics and paints. Follow along for a few designer faves that perfectly capture the Peach Fuzz trend.

Armchair Sofia Peach Fuzz Riflessi

The Bouclé X14 covering by Riflessi, soft and rich to the touch, masterfully interprets the Peach Fuzz color, emphasizing its warm and enveloping notes in the Sofia Comfort seat, an icon of comfort and softness.


Fiorentina Peach Fuzz Cooking Block Officine Gullo

“A delicate peach tone, compassionate and enveloping, conveying authentic kindness”: this is how the Pantone Color of 2024, Peach Fuzz, is described.

This warm and soft nuance underscores the desire for sharing and protection, and Officine Gullo uses it to accentuate some models of the cooking blocks in the Fiorentina line (Fiorentina 120 and Fiorentina 90 models), paired with various metal finishes (polished chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, copper, and gunmetal).

Officine Gullo

Semiton System Peach Fuzz by Arper

Thanks to the infinite customization possibilities, Arper’s Semiton can be combined as desired. Perfect finishes on both sides make the complement suitable for wall or center-room use, where it can be appreciated from all viewpoints, while the sculptural effect of the base adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

The modules can be individually customized with a wide range of MDF panels in vibrant colors or wood veneers, creating lively solutions or sophisticated monochromatic effects. The bases are made of aluminum, while the shelves are available in a range of wood veneers.


Flag Armchair Peach Fuzz by Bolzan

The upholstery offer of Bolzan’s Flag collection is enriched with this armchair featuring essential and refined lines. Like other complements in this family, it can be personalized with the addition of a swivel tray.



Vases Marble Marbling Peach Fuzz by Del Savio 1910

Marble marbles itself, in a sort of mise en abyme that tells the imitation of marble through marble itself. This is the concept behind Marble Marbling by Del Savio 1910.

The pair of vases is strongly inspired by the paper marbling processes to achieve it, which seems to date back to the distant lands of China and Japan, later imported to Europe in the 17th century. The two vases resemble the water basins where the colored pattern is usually prepared, and then the sheet of paper to be decorated is immersed: one vase has a square base, while the other is a regular decagon.

Del Savio 1910

Nena Chair Peach Fuzz by Zanotta

Zanotta’s Nena focuses on the theme of comfort expressed through a refined language of soft and enveloping volumes and a tailoring-inspired textile interpretation that defines the detail of the profiles. Ideal for both residential and contract settings, Nena is a visually impactful seat characterized by the contrast between the lightness of the frame and the generous forms of the upholstered elements.


Meet the Pantone Color 2024 that Symbolizes Optimism and Peace

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