Papo Kitchen & Fish: The Taste of the Sea in the Center of Turin

Right between the Gran Madre, the hill and the Po River, in the heart of Turin’s chicest neighborhood, Papo Kitchen & Fish has made itself a name for carefully executed seafood dining.

Located on Via Monferrato, in Borgo Po, Papo distinguishes itself as an intimate and cozy Turin seafood restaurant, with three small rooms, a few tables, a few seats at the counter in front of the chef filleting the fish, and a lovely outdoor area overlooking the promenade.

The Seafood Menu of Papo Kitchen & Fish

A menu of only fish, shellfish, oysters and coquillages in which simple recipes and gastronomic inventions coexist. Percebes, Red Prawns from Mazara del Vallo, Crab Claws, Fasolari, Sea Snails, Urchins and King Crab are just a few details from the rich menu.

The fish, which arrives fresh daily, is the star of the menu’s appetizers, main courses, and soups- although diners can also select from what is displayed on the counter, choosing whether to have it grilled, salt-baked, or fried.

 Ambiance & Bubbles

The ambiance is informal but neat: every detail speaks of the sea, and entering Papo Kitchen & Fish is a bit like moving to a seaside resort. Tables set with American-style placemats at both lunch and dinner also help set the mood, downplaying the concept of luxury.

Dishes are accompanied by an interesting wine list with a wide selection of labels including whites, reds and rosés, as well as a focus on Champagnes and Italian bubbles.

Papo Kitchen & Fish

Papo Kitchen & Fish: The Taste of the Sea in the Center of Turin

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