The Pastiera Napoletana of Chef Antonio Borruso

Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to think about the preparation of typical sweets for the most mouth-watering holiday of the year, first and foremost the traditional Neapolitan Pastiera, among the most beloved preparations of traditional Italian pastries.

Zuppa di Pastiera Napoletana

The Recipe’s Ancient Origins 

A delicacy with ancient and evocative origins, attributed to the magical touch of the siren Partenope. To pay homage to the mythological creature, a fascinating cult was celebrated, bringing the mermaid seven gifts: flour, symbol of wealth; ricotta cheese, emblem of abundance; eggs, representing fertility; wheat cooked in milk, a fusion of animal and vegetable kingdoms; orange blossoms, with the scent of spring; and spices and sugar, to celebrate the sweetness of the mermaid’s song. Welcoming the gifts willingly, Parthenope united them, giving birth to the mouth-watering dessert.

Zuppa di Pastiera Napoletana

Zuppa di Pastiera Napoletana 

Among the most interesting variants in recent years is the Zuppa di Pastiera Napoletana by chef Antonio Borruso of Umami Bistrot in Bormio, an original interpretation of a Neapolitan classic with different textures which are skilfully combined.


For the shortcrust pastry

250 gr butter

200 gr butter

1 dl whole eggs

Grated flavorings

1 vanilla stick

15 gr honey

500 g flour

For the cinnamon sauce

500 gr water

200 gr sugar

30 gr of cinnamon

3 gr of xanthan

For the pastiera liquid

580 gr of wheat

250 gr of milk

500 gr of ricotta romana

6 yolks

500 gr sugar

1 ampoule of millefiori

1 vanilla stick

Zuppa di Pastiera Napoletana


Prepare a syrup with water and sugar then add cinnamon powder and bind with xanthan, then let cool and put everything in a cooking bottle until ready to use.

Cook the wheat with milk in a vacuum bag in a 70 g water bath for a duration of 24 hours. Once the required time has elapsed, allow to cool. Then bring together the rest of the ingredients in a jug, including the wheat with milk, and blend everything in a thermomix at maximum speed for 5 minutes.


On a flat plate lay the pastiera cream, finish with the spheres made of shortcrust pastry, candied fruit and, to finish, cinnamon sauce and powdered sugar.

The Pastiera Napoletana of Chef Antonio Borruso

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