Pedrali’s Secret Garden in Bergamo Alta

For the eighth year, Pedrali is part of the “Landscape Festival – I Maestri del Paesaggio,” the event conceived by Arketipos that, now in its 12th edition, brings the best landscape designers and the most interesting expressions of international landscaping to Bergamo Alta creating evocative garden spaces nestled amongst the historical beauty of the ancient walled city.

Until Sept. 25th, the city is at the center of landscape culture and Piazza Vecchia, the jewel of Bergamo Alta, is transformed into a stage of nature and beauty.

Bergamo Alta & The Beauty of Pedrali

This edition of “I Maestri del Paesaggio” is dedicated to “Forgotten Landscape,” a theme that aims to lead us to discover how the landscape influences and guides us, and how it is essential to start afresh from the territory in which we find ourselves in order to emphasize and validate the roots of the place, its Genius Loci. Designing for the Green Square is internationally renowned planner and plant designer Cassian Schmidt in collaboration with students from Weihenstephan – Triesdorf University.

Pedrali’s outdoor products were chosen for the setup of the Old Square, the heart of the event: chairs, armchairs, and sofas Nolita, and tables Elliot.

Designed by CMP Design, Nolita evokes the origins of the company founded in the 1960s by Mario Pedrali, who made wrought iron garden furniture in his workshop. Made entirely of steel, this collection characterized by simple and iconic forms is extremely versatile and concretizes the concepts of transparency and lightness.

The Elliot tables, designed by Patrick Jouin, have an elegant silhouette and delicate, slender forms. The trilobed extruded aluminum column separates, tapering into three die-cast aluminum feet that rest gently on the ground.

In contrast, the Green Design route of “The Masters of Landscape” winds its way through the most evocative historical places of the Upper Town including the Old Washhouse. In this space of rare beauty, Pedrali creates an installation designed by OLOS ATELIER and Raffaele Orrù named “Towards the Origins,” with the valuable collaboration of Antica Pieve Azienda Agricola and Associazione Italiana Professionisti del Verde AIPV.

An evocative setting reinterpreted in order to experience spaces by enhancing their ancient vocation through a contemporary interpretation, in which nature becomes the protagonist with the support of systems and strategies aimed at protecting and managing ecosystems in a sustainable way. The project is a source of well-being for people and contributes to the increase of biodiversity in urban environments.

Protagonists are Remind polypropylene armchairs by Eugeni Quitllet, which echo the memory of the soft and sinuous curves of wooden chairs from the second half of the 19th century, and Ara lounge by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, with a formal and balanced language, combined with Elliot tables by Patrick Jouin. Illuminating the space are Time Out and Happy Apple lamps by Basaglia Rota Nodari.


Pedrali’s Secret Garden in Bergamo Alta

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