Pellico 3 Milano: A New Gourmet Era Opens in Milan

Park Hyatt Milan, the five-star luxury hotel just a stone’s throw from the Duomo, icon par excellence of Milanese hospitality, announces the long-awaited opening of the new gourmet restaurant Pellico 3 Milano, led by Executive Chef Guido Paternollo, with a brand new dining philosophy and original design by Flaviano Capriotti Architetti.

A new address is thus added to the Milanese restaurant scene, where you can find the perfect synthesis between haute cuisine and design, a place where you can discover a refined gustatory journey through seasonal ingredients and the flavors of the Mediterranean.

With a background working for the award-winning chef Enrico Bartolini and subsequently working in France with sacred monsters such as Alain Ducasse and Yannick Alleno, Chef Guido Paternollo, at the helm of the kitchens of Pellico 3 Milano, assimilates experiences drawing from the culinary excellence of Europe to explore and pursue a philosophy of cooking as a sincere expression of the ingredients.

Flavors and food from all over the Mediterranean basin – France, Spain, Greece and, of course, Italy – are cooked according to their seasonality. A culinary journey in a sign of respect for the product and its possible processing. An interweaving of flavors, colors and experiences to awaken all five senses.

The gastronomic experience is completed by a cellar of excellence, guardian of an important selection of Champagne, Barolo and Brunello labels.

Pellico 3 Milano accommodates 28 covers in the main dining room and up to 10 covers in the private dining room.

“I am excited about this new adventure within such a prestigious structure. I am honored to have been chosen by the management and the owners to lead the kitchen of Park Hyatt Milan. I would like to thank my brigade and in particular the two kitchen chefs, Mario Musiello and Andreas Karapaos, and the pastry chef Alessio Gallelli, without whom I would not have been able to tackle this project,” says Guido Paternollo, Executive Chef of Park Hyatt Milan.

To highlight the Chef’s gastronomic proposals, a bright and welcoming architectural space designed by architect Flaviano Capriotti.

Haute cuisine and design come together to shape an experience based on the rhythm of the seasons and respect for nature’s time. The space, developed on a surface of 120 square meters, is characterized by a color palette that follows the suggestions of chef Guido Paternollo: from the soft yellow of an urchin to the warm brown of a chestnut, from the cold green of an artichoke with white and purple shades to the intense tones of pumpkin and saffron.

Ceiling and floor symbolize the magic of the sky and the productive capacity of the earth, becoming the protagonists of a new narrative. On the ceiling, small beacons of light like stars replicate the constellations of the celestial sphere. The floor – the Earth -, represents the craftsmanship and the recovery of the material through a composition of trapezoidal shapes in serpentine stone and green earthenware in a sand shade, expression of the manufacturing passion.

Uno Contract, a historical company from Veneto specialized in the realization of custom-made projects and furnishings, took care of the creation of the new furniture and of the wise requalification of some design elements, giving further character and elegance to the dining space.

The environment has been enriched by an exclusive selection of works of art by contemporary artists Paolo Canevari, Davide Balliano and Claudio Verna, curated by Cardi Gallery, a historic art gallery in Milan, a reference point of the contemporary art scene.

La Cupola and the Mio Lab Bar with its Dehors, the beating heart of the hotel, are back to amaze with new proposals, ever more refined and trendy.

La Cupola Lounge at Park Hyatt Milan, the heart of the hotel and a meeting place for artists, creatives, business people, travelers and Milanese alike, reopens with new gourmet proposals.

Entering through the main entrance, the spacious room reveals itself to guests, illuminated by natural light from the glass dome above. La Cupola offers a wide range of catering from breakfast, where you can appreciate in particular the art of Viennoiserie, through the all day dining, a fresh and modern proposal that ranges from the classics of Italian cuisine to international dishes. In the evening, the majesty of the Dome becomes a privileged window to dine under the stars in the heart of Milan.

Mio Lab Bar, one of the most renowned Cocktail Bars in the city, located in front of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, stands out for its art and tradition of mixology and more. From its spaces, also designed by Flaviano Capriotti Architetti studio, every evening a vibrant rhythm spreads, marked by the gestures of its bartenders, equally precise both in the perfect execution of great classics and in the whimsical variation of signature cocktails. A selection of samples will be available to accompany the cocktails. The Dehors of Mio Lab Bar offers one of the most beautiful views of Milan: the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. From spring to late autumn, this space represents the best location in the city to overlook Milan’s renowned Salotto.

This major redesign further strengthens Park Hyatt Milan’s identity and role as a city landmark and design icon, offering guests an even more striking, elegant and timelessly stylish atmosphere. In other words, sophisticated luxury in the heart of Milan.

Pellico 3 Milano: A New Gourmet Era Opens in Milan

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