Roman Nightlife Lights Up at Hotel Butterfly

Get ready to enjoy a true Roman holiday this summer at Hotel Butterfly, the place to experience Roman nightlife with everything from delicious food, cool drinks, atmospheric entertainment, and lots of Italian style.

Dreamlike and evocative atmospheres, set amid art, lights, and visionary sensations, distinguish the spaces of Giancarlo Battafarano, Daniele Quattrini, Edoardo Caracciolo, and Vittorio Paladino’s location, which, for the seventh consecutive year, will enliven the warm Roman nights.

This summer the areas of the Hotel Butterfly will lead guests directly inside the Foro Italico sports village, close to the world tennis courts, with an entrance from Piazza Lauro de Bosis 3.

In the shadow of the Olympic Stadium, every evening, the proposal will vary between aperitifs, dinner, and the unfailing nightly musical entertainment, promising guests a unique experience, immersed in a location that mixes art, scenic settings, lots of nature, retro inspirations wisely combined with more futuristic ones, always accompanied by signature cocktails and good food.

Hotel Butterfly: design and entertainment

The future of entertainment becomes a reality under the artistic direction of Giancarlino – Batafarano’s nickname – with the help of designer Matteo Parenti in the new venue in the Garden, which, along with four bars, houses the console in a central position on the dance floor.

On the upper floor, the Terrace, as well as another bar corner, accommodates 150 seats where guests can enjoy the rich gourmet offer from aperitif to dinner. The founders’ passion for green setups continues in this edition with the participation of Stefania Romitelli of La Floreale who creates an evocative setting between modern antique furniture and wrought-iron structures, plants, and flowers intersect, creating an enchanted dream scenario.

Immersed in an atmosphere that has no equal, guests can enjoy live and traveling performances by the artists of the Butterfly Company, who have been the hallmark of the venue since its first season, with ten actors and actresses engaged in impressive atmospheric shows between juggling and dancing.

Hotel Butterfly: all the tantalizing flavors

From aperitifs to dinner, Hotel Butterfly welcomes its guests to the spaces dedicated to food & beverage. The bars are managed by Fabrizio Opipari; in the Garden, there are three mixology stations, plus The World’s Smallest Bar, a room mainly occupied by a bar, where extravagant cocktails in mignon format can be tasted.

The Terrace on the upper floor houses another bar station, flanking the large space dedicated to dining, where the food offering is twofold.

On the one hand, one can enjoy the delicacies developed by chef Koji Nakai – the Japanese chef originally from Kobe who owns the Nakai restaurant in Rome – curator of the menu of the Sushi Garden at Hotel Butterfly together with Roberto Salvati, owner of Tanuki Izakaya, the first typical Japanese trattoria in Rome.

The dishes on offer blend a strong Japanese and Asian flavor with prominent Mediterranean influences. Choose from offerings such as the Hot tako, with fried chicken and spicy sauce on shrimp chips, or a fusion dish like the Butterfly, pumpkin flowers stuffed with cacio cheese and pepper in tempura; and again the Maguro Tataki, seared tuna fillet with a spicy sweet and sour sauce, or the Grilled Octopus on Japanese hummus with balsamic teriyaki sauce. The menu also includes an array of sushi, including nigiri, hosomaki, and rolls. Dessert comes in the form of an oriental fruit salad or a signature Sake Sorbet.

The other wing of the Terrace, however, is reserved for a second restaurant that lands for the first time at Hotel Butterfly this year, Smoked & Salad, a project curated by sisters Anna and Beatrice Lo Presti, who have envisioned a pop smooke & cuisine menu.

Here the Mediterranean culinary tradition takes center stage in carefully prepared dishes, where the use of fresh ingredients and international inspiration result in a menu that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste. Prominent among the excellence on offer is BBQ, with meats subjected to meticulous smoking and long wood-fired cooking. Canadian, Australian cuts and strictly Italian white meats cook in antique smokers for up to 12 hours using the original old-school Texas technique.

The result is dishes that celebrate conviviality offered in rich-tasting mixes featuring pastrami, pulled pork, and pork ribs, accompanied by coleslaw spring onions and homemade pickled gherkins. Still, the menu is also enriched with courses such as Spaghetto, red shrimp and coconut flakes, Tagliolino with three tomatoes and basil, and also duck breast, apple and ginger, amberjack, tubers and red fruits, and lobster, rice, and lemongrass shellfish.

The desserts are entrusted to the skillful hands of pastry chef Francesca Minnella of the Madeleine restaurant in Prati, who delights guests with her masterpieces including Biancomangiare or Tartelletta with seasonal fruits.

Hotel Butterfly

Roman Nightlife Lights Up at Hotel Butterfly

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