Rome’s Secret Vilòn

Il Salotto di Adelaide at Vilòn Roma continues to intrigue with that air of a “secret place,” located along the secluded Via dell’Arancio, presenting itself as a très chic, complicit and intimate, almost clandestine refuge.

A place wrapped in unconventional atmospheres, an unusual space, marked by whispered charm and vibrant flair, with refined yet informal details.

The Adelaide Drawing Room becomes with the new season of the Vilòn Cocktail Bar with its signature cocktails and come hither ambiance.

Federico Graziani, the Vilòn’s new resident bartender is ready to revolutionize the drinks menu by offering unconventional cocktails, in addition to the great classics, from Negroni to Martini – perfect for an after dinner drink, in a hotel bar with an international flair.

Il Salotto di Adelaide at Vilòn Roma

The Salotto del Vilòn is, in fact, the ideal space for lounging around sipping an aperitif, lingering for a long time. Small frivolities, warm and discreet lighting, books and magazines lying around, sofas, mirrors, Art Deco lamps, and the odd piece with an ethnic edge.

Revelers can relax at the bar or lean back on the sofas – creating a mingling of characters from near and far taking in the true air of the dolce vita. From the menu Carta Light food is available at all hours. Bites created by Chef Gabriele Muro are served as the perfect accompaniment to the classic and exotic drinks created at the bar.

Graziani teases with hints of the flavors guests to the location will find, “Intriguing pairings between fine dining and fine drinking, along with a new menu that is in the works offering new food pairings punctuated by a few liquid dishes and a few solid cocktails.”

The bar alone is a masterpiece to ponder. Scenic with its oak and brass bottle rack behind which the young Graziani moves with great flair magically mixing drinks.

His is a research mixology distinguished by cutting-edge ingredients and techniques, clean and minimal drinks, unusual pairings that sometimes wink at cuisine, as is increasingly the case. Tradition, never abandoned, becomes a viaticum for exploring new angles of taste that is an experimentation and alchemy of flavors.

The new drink list stands out, with many homemade preparations, pairings such as BBQ and peach, hazelnut and celery with Tabasco, gin with EVO oil and white vermouth, banana and popcorn, peanut butter, banana and maple. Also of interest are homemade cordials with fruit puree and liqueur.

A menu with 16 cocktails, including an alcohol-free and a vegan option, whose names aside from the Viròsa and Gi.No, create an almost an amusing calembour, taking inspiration from Henri Rousseau, the late 19th century “naive” artist better known as Rousseau the Customs Officer.

That moving between primitive images and enchanting visions, reflected even in the names, solicits new dreamlike inspirations, seductions that the Salotto di Adelaide induces.

Almost as if Adelaide Borghese de la Rochefoucauld, who inhabited these spaces well before she became acquainted with Rousseau’s works, had not also dreamed of that riot of exotic nature that we find in the Vilòn’s small secret garden. A corner with a colonial atmosphere, jungle effect among banana trees and kenzie, ficus and oriental jasmine from charming little Moroccan riad, also a secret kept in one of the most beautiful late Renaissance palaces in Rome.

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Rome’s Secret Vilòn

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