Royal Botania Creates an Oasis of Luxurious Outdoor Living

Luxurious en plein air living areas punctuated by outdoor furniture designed to ensure maximum daily comfort: these are the new outdoor living collections by Royal Botania – ensembles that create inviting atmospheres where beauty, relaxation, and the best of design come together.

Mambo Lounge Royal Botania

The allure of sinuous curves, warm wood, and sumptuous plush cushions emanates from Royal Botania’s Mambo Lounge collection.

An exclusive outdoor design declined in soothing colors, with a bohemian touch: Mambo Lounge consists of a comfortable modular sofa, complemented by a graceful slatted coffee table, as well as a cozy dormeuse.

Furniture punctuated by warm wood frames, sinuous curves and soft cushions, available in 74 different fabrics in a mix of colors and textures. Mambo’s enveloping vibes convey the sturdiness of its solid steel and wood frames for comfort that lasts a lifetime.

Styletto Royal Botania

Polished stone patios, the dense foliage of wild olive trees, in the background an azure sky and the sparkle of warm ocean waters as far as the eye can see: the splendor of the Mediterranean is here, and here shines Royal Botania’s Styletto collection, top in style and sophistication, capable of transforming gardens and terraces into an authentic private beach.

Elegant, seductive and with limitless comfort, Styletto embodies a corner of Mediterranean paradise, enriched with new outdoor elements, such as Royal Botania’s Styletto 195 lounger.

Perfect for napping under an umbrella or simply relaxing with a cool drink in hand, Styletto 195 features slender, tapered legs, an adjustable backrest, and convenient smooth rear wheels that allow for effortless, perfect adjustment.

Embellishing Royal Botania’s dining en plein air are the new dining tables, Styletto stools, with their curved, slender backs and elegantly tapered legs, capable of adding a sense of exclusivity to any meal or drink in company.

The table top can be customized in eleven colors and seven sizes, while the frame can be declined five colors.

For the living room, here’s Styletto Lounge, with three new 90-cm-deep seating elements and a side table perfect for resting a drink and a tasty aperitif.

Fensi Royal Botania

Light and airy, yet solid and ergonomic, Fensi is the new stacking chair from Royal Botania, distinguished by an aluminum frame and an elegant woven backrest. Or so it seems. In fact, the backrest is made of a fine, fence-like stainless steel grid, tightly wrapped with a thin rope.

In this way, the natural appearance of the woven rope does not suffer from a loss of ergonomic support caused by stretching. Another clever idea that ensures perfect seating comfort over time. Available in four frame colors that perfectly match all Royal Botania table lines.

The lines of the QT chair, which has been appreciated for more than a decade now, can be found in the stackable aluminum frame of this new entry, with the frame available in four colors to find the perfect match to all table lines.

Ostrea Royal Botania

It is easy to guess that “Ostrea” is inspired by the word “oyster.” Designer Matthias De Ferm was probably enjoying a plate of seafood when he envisioned the lines of this decidedly original chair. He then translated the natural forms into a chair with exceptional ergonomics.

Only an artist is capable of creating a masterpiece by coiling, bending and welding stainless steel tubing. Fortunately, Royal Botania can rely on the expertise of skilled craftsmen. Two cushion options are available for Ostrea: a rounded seat cushion or a padding of the entire surface that traces both the shape and ribbing of a shell.

Royal Botania

Royal Botania Creates an Oasis of Luxurious Outdoor Living

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