Organic Silhouettes for Luxury Outdoor Living

It doesn’t take a Latin scholar to understand that “Ostrea” can be translated as “oyster”: Mathias De Ferm, the renowned furniture designer from Antwerp, was probably enjoying a delicious seafood dinner when he envisioned the lines of this highly original chair, designed for Royal Botania.

Elegance and comfort for Royal Botania

The brand is known for its distinct ability to create iconic, luxury outdoor furniture that is the heart of its striking collections for patios, pools, gardens, and homes, with each of its designs based on three key elements: aesthetics, ergonomics, and engineering

The Work of Mathias De Ferm

De Ferm succeeded in transforming these organic forms into a uniquely designed chair, and likewise, the company in configuring it by coiling, bending and welding stainless steel tubing into a refined complement, thanks to its decades of experience and skilled craftsmen.

Variations on Ostrea

Two cushion options are available for Ostrea: a rounded seat cushion or a padding of the entire surface that traces both the shape and ribbing of a shell. The chair perfectly combines aesthetics and high ergonomic performance for everyday comfort.

The structure

The frame is made of stainless steel painted in one of the following colors: ral white, anthracite, bronze, or gravel, while the upholstered cushions are covered with the fabrics from the collection.

Royal Botania

Organic Silhouettes for Luxury Outdoor Living

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