Scollinando: The Wine Tour that Unveils Historic Buttafuoco

Breathe in the fresh air, feel the earth beneath your feet, and the warmth of the sun caressing your shoulders as you walk among the vines of one of Italy’s most historic wine areas, Buttafuoco. Scollinando, organized for a few short months in late spring and early summer, is a chance to get to know this special wine firsthand with a historic wine tour.

Wine tourism immersed in nature that allows you to uncover the secrets of an area rich in the history of wine, a stone’s throw from the main cities of Lombardy: “Scollinando” resumes, a format that for more than 20 years has been promoting the wine tourism activities of the 18 member wineries of the Historic Buttafuoco Club with excursions among the vineyards and other outdoor activities.

Wine Touring in Buttafuoco

Every weekend, until the weekend of July 3rd, wine enthusiasts, wine lovers, nature lovers and the curious will be able to walk among the historic vineyards of the “Sperone di Stradella,” a strip of land between the Versa and Scuropasso streams that gives life to this inimitable powerful red wine of Oltrepò Pavese.

Guided by winemakers, you will witness the close union between Buttafuoco Storico and the terroir where it is born, where the vineyard is the protagonist. Walking between the rows of vines, the producers will explain the characteristics of the soils and vines, along with the anecdotes and legends that have made Historic Buttafuoco known throughout the world. At the end of the walk, a toast will be made with the tasting of three labels representative of the area, accompanied by the typical Oltrepadana snack: “micca,” the salami of Val Versa, together with fresh and aged local cheeses.

The club was founded in 1996 as a free association among producers intent on enhancing the value of Historic Buttafuoco. Over the years it has been an instrument of scrupulous and responsible self-discipline, through strict regulations, urging companies old and new, small and large, so that established and wise habits become a common strategy for qualitative success.

There are currently 17 producers of Historic Buttafuoco, all associated with the Consortium: winemakers, winemakers and bottlers on their own. Overall, there are about 22 hectares under vine in the production area, including the municipalities of Broni, Stradella, Castana, Canneto Pavese, Montescano, Pietra de’ Giorgi, and Cigognola, divided into 18 “Vigne” whose topographical name appears strictly on the label, as a guarantee of the product’s origin and uniqueness. On average, 90,000 bottles of Buttafuoco Storico are produced each year.

Scollinando: The Wine Tour that Unveils Historic Buttafuoco

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