Planeta Unveils La Segreta

Planeta’s La Segreta wines are unveiling their new look and new packaging.

Planeta reveals the new packaging of La Segreta wines with the virtuosic “Cento per cento Sicilia” bottle made together with the Sicily SOStain Foundation, (FSC paper) and the new labels that tell the origin of the name and the intimate dialogue with Nature that has always inspired Planeta, inside and outside the bottle.

With the desire to emphasize a constant and uncompromising search for quality, always oriented toward respect for the environment and the enhancement of biodiversity, the restyling drew from the work of an illustrious Sicilian, Giuseppe Riggio, who in the late 1700s and early 1800s created, with the help of a painter, a “erbario picto,” which represents with great precision and poetry the floral heritage of the region.

This is how the new graphic design of La Segreta was born, the result of collaboration with the design studio Rovai Weber, which was able to best interpret Planeta’s sensibility in the tale of a new Sicily, attentive to sustainability and full of hope.

With its longstanding intimate connection to the land and its places of origin, Planeta expresses with the new La Segreta labels its bond with Mother Earth, a generous and magnanimous benefactor, whose fruits can be plucked by those with watchful eyes and a respectful conscience. The graphics tell of an alphabet of herbs, flowers and roots, an expression of a hidden and powerful beauty that is revealed only to those who know how to admire it, an olfactory and gustatory richness that is fully manifested in the wines.

The origins of La Segreta

Surrounding the Arab fort of Mazzallakkar, on the shores of Lake Arancio in Sambuca di Sicilia, is a forest hidden from view that can only be discovered by walking into the foliage of elms and laurels, within the Ulmo estate.

Walking along the path through the woods, one arrives at a spring where travelers once found refreshment during the night: a secret space accessible only to the most curious, a mythical place for the Planeta family, where adults and children traditionally spent a short camping trip discovering nature and its beauty. Here, one day many years ago, Diego Planeta communicated to the family his intention to cultivate the vineyard and begin the extraordinary story of viticulture and wine tourism now known throughout the world.

La Segreta debuted in 1995 with the first wines and became a full-fledged line in 2017, with the arrival of Grillo and Nero d’Avola in purity. A line that has always been produced exclusively from vineyards owned by the Planeta family for centuries, cultivated with passion and total dedication to the environment. Initially graphically linked to an ancient eighteenth-century map describing places, to emphasize an ancient presence and deep roots, today it presents itself in a totally new and refined guise.

La Segreta wines are, like the entire Planeta production, certified organic since 2022. Added to this is SOStain certification, a sustainability program created and formalized by the foundation of the same name created in 2011, which encompasses in its specifications 10 key points ranging from vineyard management to energy consumption, from the choice of local raw materials to transparency in communication.

Photo: Paola Licciardello


Sicily SOStain Foundation

Planeta Unveils La Segreta

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