True to Food Lab: Sustainability in the Agri-Food Supply Chain

An immersive journey to discover the most innovative digital agriculture practices that are rewriting the future of the agri-food supply chain in a more sustainable way for people and the environment, Signature Kitchen Suite presents True to Food Lab, staged at the brand’s showroom during Milan Design Week.

At Milan Design Week 2023

The experience is completed with tastings of food and beverages selected by Italian agri-food producers who are already testing the technologies presented and coordinated by CNR, which aim at higher food quality, greater consumer safety, and minimization of resource waste.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s Philosophy of Sustainability 

The brand, which promotes a more conscious consumption with its “True to Food” philosophy and at the same time advocates for productive realities that are proponents of innovation, tradition, and quality, this year collaborated with CNR IBE (National Research Council, Institute for BioEconomy), to identify five projects corresponding to new technologies that are already in use or being tested by Italian and European agricultural producers. The public will have the opportunity to experience these innovations live and see how they work, and likewise will be able to taste the fruits of the labor of these cutting-edge realities through a selection of food and beverage tastings.

“Being True to Food means having an honest and transparent approach to food, respecting it to its essence. For Signature Kitchen Suite, this translates on the one hand into the creation of high-performance appliances that can guarantee the maximum levels of preservation and increased precision in cooking and washing, but at the same time into the possibility of acting as a sounding board for good practices that will make the way we farm more sustainable thanks to technology. We hope that the experience proposed during Fuorisalone will inspire the public and add to the knowledge of these issues,” says Manuela Ricci, marketing manager of Signature Kitchen Suite.

Inside the showroom, visitors will be introduced to some of LG’s most innovative in-house products, including the full range of Signature Kitchen Suite built-in appliances, which combine smart technology and sophisticated design.

It will also feature a preview of the S K I N S Wine Cabin, a refined design cabinet designed by m2atelier studio as a valuable under-counter wine cellar storage unit, one of the latest and most versatile Signature Kitchen Suite products.

Five Projects that are True to Food

Signature Kitchen Suite presents five projects coordinated by CNR IBE (National Research Council, Institute for BioEconomy) and supported by both national and international projects, as well as private companies. The audience will be invited at the end of the experience to vote for their favorite project, which will receive support from Signature Kitchen Suite for its further development.

For Better Water Management

New technological solutions in agriculture that use drones, satellite imagery, and agro-meteorological stations to save 15-20% water compared to the traditional irrigation system by more accurately detecting the exact water needs in the soil and irrigating only when and where needed will also be presented.

For a More Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Production

The lab will also demonstrate an innovative, low-cost device designed to noninvasively detect the presence of possible mold in the core of apples. This can help farmers and food companies firstly to bring only good-quality fruit to market and secondly to reserve unsuitable fruit for other uses, such as field fertilization. This system preemptively prevents food waste.

For Healthier and More Wholesome Food

Another feature will be a simple, inexpensive, and intuitive app designed to support grain farmers, useful for making a preliminary diagnosis of the health status of the grain crop. With a simple photograph, it detects the presence of pests or diseases in the grain, defining the best way to intervene, thus avoiding the abuse of synthetic products when unnecessary and ensuring healthier and more genuine food.

For Harvesting at the Right Time

A system that uses artificial intelligence in viticulture through tools such as drones, image analysis, object detection, and machine learning that enable it to map the terrain and assess the best time to harvest wine grapes, ensuring better product quality and more efficient vineyards is yet another innovation being promoted this year.

For Safer and More Conscious Consumption

Rounding out the encompassing and interactive lab by Signature Suite is blockchain technology applied to food to trace the food and beverage supply chain to protect consumers and help them choose the most wholesome foods, uniquely certifying the origin and quality of the product and helping to track and ensure transparency of the entire production chain.

Signature Kitchen Suite

True to Food Lab: Sustainability in the Agri-Food Supply Chain

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