Summer 2023 at the Skyline Rooftop Bar: Experiencing Venice Nightlife

A new mixology concept and a calendar of unmissable events for the new season of the Skyline Rooftop Bar at Hilton Molino Stucky.

The iconic Skyline Rooftop Bar, a favorite destination for Venetians and travelers alike – and famous for its breathtaking views of Venice – is ushering in the summer season with a flurry of new mixology offerings and a fresh schedule of events.

The New Signature Cocktails at Skyline Rooftop Bar

This season comes with both a breathtaking view of the Giudecca Canal in a stunning contemporary setting and a new menu of Cocktails and Mocktails, elaborated by bar manager Sebastiano Scarpa with his team: an offer that manages not only to satisfy but also to anticipate the most innovative trends.

“This renovation,” noted Sebastiano Scarpa, “stems from the desire to make Skyline Rooftop Bar always in step with the evolution of times and fashions. Hence the new proposal, which sees the creation of our new signature cocktails designed in a completely innovative key. The inspiration comes from the magnificent place where we are located: the atmosphere of the bar, the history of Giovanni Stucky and the building, the splendid view of Venice, and the precious local ingredients, the fruit of this unique area. Attention to the latest trends drove the rest, and we are really proud to present this exciting new menu today.”

Unusual raw materials, local ingredients, great attention to the environment with the drastic reduction of waste, and a detailed study of flavors, often emphasized with preparations that precede the actual making of the cocktail.

This and much more is encapsulated in the 16 signature cocktails, including “Diva,” a smooth and enveloping champagne cocktail with delicate floral notes; “The Gentleman,” a twist on the martini made with gin and Stucky olive oil infused with thyme; or even “Fusion,” a true sensory reinterpretation of the classic Italian aperitif.

Don’t miss the exotic “Prodigio,” a mocktail celebrating Venice as a bridge between Europe and the East with a sweet, warm flavor made with Doge’s honey produced by local beekeepers to support their business, and the drink “Incontri,” a twist on the negroni that combines the flavors of strawberry and balsamic vinegar.

Venice Nightlife at the Hilton Molino Stucky

The ultimate aperitif is not just a matter of great mixology; it also resides in the entertainment and unique atmosphere that the hotel’s rooftop can create, with its contemporary design and priceless poolside views. The special events are not to be missed, encompassing a varied and exclusive calendar. Also to be noted is the “Skybeats by The Pool,” three appointments with DJ sets and late aperitifs elaborated with important and established partners. The first featured the music of Le Cri accompanying refreshing cocktails with tasty variants of the Organics by Red Bull line, entirely organic.

Next, it will be the turn of the partnership with Campari with Linda Loira’s DJ set on July 2nd, and finally, again with Campari, it will be the turn of Georgia Mos scheduled for Aug. 20th. On June 18th and July 30th is the turn of the “Poolside Party” with Live Music, featuring the excellent musical atmosphere of Gloria Turrini’s trio, in partnership with Pernod Ricard, and Aba Trio, in partnership with Organics by Redbull,respectively.

Moreover, Skyline Rooftop Bar does not forget to celebrate World Gin Day, World Rum Day, and World Tequila Day (June 10th, July 8th, and August 6th, respectively) with three guided tastings, in which Gin dei Sospiri, Bacardi Rum, and Pernod Ricard Tequila will be featured.

Skyline Rooftop Bar

Summer 2023 at the Skyline Rooftop Bar: Experiencing Venice Nightlife

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