SloWino 2022: an abode of knowledge and flavors

SloWine is ready to launch – a kermesse created to promote typical Italian food and wine and their value, an authentic dwelling of knowledge and flavors hosted in the splendid setting of Villa Stecchini in Romano d’Ezzelino (VI): on May 28th and 29th.

Faithful to Slow Food principles, SloWino, organized by Enoiteca Pomo d’Oro and Slow Food Bassano del Grappa and Marostica, led by entrepreneur Letizia Bonamigo, aims to spread awareness of excellent quality food products, a cultural heritage that represents history, territory and traditions to be preserved and enhanced.

A rich program of events dedicated to food culture, with themed lectures such as the conference “Social Environmental and Economic Sustainability,” featuring talks by Bassano oenologist Roberto Cipresso, Remo Pedon, president of Pedon Spa, a leading Italian company in the legume market, cereals and seeds; Angiolino Maule, winemaker and owner of the Biancara winery, which specializes in the production of natural wines; Sara Cecchetto, sustainability manager of Azienda Agricola Cecchetto, winner of the “Special Young Entrepreneur Award”; and Fabio Simoni, founder of Bionoc’ Brewery.

According to Slow Food, food is sustainable only when it is good, clean and fair. A food is quality when it does not cause wastage of social, environmental and economic resources. So here at SloWino you can experience a journey into the world of wine, beer, spirits and rare Slow Food Presidia, tasting products of the highest quality from more than 150 producers from all over Italy.

In addition, wine enthusiasts will be able to take part in 10 masterclasses led by experts in the field and enjoy a unique experience by immersing themselves in exclusive tastings of Amarone, Barolo, Sangiovese, Terlano and Durello, as well as fine ciders and refined combinations of extra virgin olive oil.

Sensory experiences will be dedicated to all those who wish to discover or learn more about the distinctive characteristics of a particular wine production, guided tasting after tasting by leading professionals in the field.

“It is a dream come true,” Letizia Bonamigo explains, “to be able to create an event where the great excellence of our Italian territory can be tasted. Strengthened by more than 30 years of experience, we are certain that it is fundamental, more and more, to enhance the products of the earth, to promote them in the right way through events on food culture.”

Also on the program throughout the weekend are an educational vegetable garden, sensory landscaping, an exhibition of outdoor garden furniture, a classic car show, with the participation of Garage Bonfanti, and a Food Truck area.

In collaboration with the De Gustibus festival and in partnership with Il Giornale di Vicenza, a Gala Dinner, an exclusive event created by Chef Dimitri Mattiello, will also be offered on Saturday, May 28th.

SloWino is an event not to be missed, made prestigious also by the elegant location in which it will be hosted: Villa Stecchini, built by Abbot Jacopo Stecchini in 1672, one of the few remaining Venetian villas still inhabited by the family that built it. The exterior of the Villa features a 16,000-square-meter park, a lush garden with a splendid fishpond, a traditional barchessa, a dovecote and an aristocratic, consecrated chapel. Inside, it houses some valuable works of art such as two paintings by Jacopo Da Ponte and the unique portrait of Gemma Donati, Dante Alighieri’s wife.

SloWino 2022: an abode of knowledge and flavors

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