Steak Home: Florence’s Ode to the Art of the Perfect Steak

Steak Home, a restaurant concept dedicated to steak matured using the exclusive Dry Aging method, arrives in Florence in the elegant setting of NH Collection Palazzo Gaddi.

The location of Steak Home

After an in-depth and careful search for the most suitable location to permanently host the concept, Steak Home has found its new home in NH Collection Palazzo Gaddi, a splendid 4-star hotel located in the heart of the historic city of the Italian Renaissance.

Just as Steak Home developed an ancient method with modern tools to develop the Dry Aging method, the location combines modernity and history in an unprecedented way. The 4-star hotel is located in a historic 16th-century palace, two minutes from Santa Maria Novella train station, surrounded by the Renaissance beauty of Florence.

Inside the Palace, which was, among other things, the residence of the famous English author John Milton, there are noble halls in Florentine Baroque style, a majestic staircase that houses the sculpture of Hercules at rest, attributed to the sculptor Gioacchino Fortini, and wonderful frescoes by painters such as Ranieri del Pace and Luca Giordano.

The restaurant will be open to both hotel guests and external customers, curious to enjoy this gastronomic experience in a refined and international environment, where marble and precious mahogany woods meet, among floral compositions and a warm welcoming light. There is also a charming secret garden where you can enjoy the blossoming of spring or the warm summer evenings.

The Steak Home concept

As the name suggests, Steak Home is the ideal place to eat a steak with a unique flavour, simply and informally as you would at home, surrounded by family and close friends. The menu, in fact, is almost non-existent: while the meat cooks on the grill, you can pass the time with a series of Tuscan starters, with the typical taste of home, to be enjoyed with a glass of wine.

The real peculiarity, what makes the Steak Home unique, is the characteristic method of maturation to which the meat is subjected: the Dry Aging. This process is the result of careful research and long periods of study and experimentation that have led to a unique result.

Dry Aging is the modern name for the natural maturing method used in ancient times, using elements such as air, humidity and temperature. Steak Home brings all this back to the present day, using technology to revive this process in optimal hygienic and sanitary conditions, through cells conceived and designed in-house, thus turning tradition into an ode to modernity. In this way, Steak Home is able to give a taste to the meat and perfect its flavour, texture and digestibility.

At Steak Home, the meat is chosen exclusively on the basis of its maturation time: from 2 to 8 weeks or even longer for the “Gran Riserva” cuts, a limited-quantity production of complex maturation processes carried out on prized breeds such as Rubia Gallega or Finnish Sashi, and available by reservation. This offers the possibility of real “vertical” tastings, to appreciate the various nuances of taste of the different maturations.

Her Majesty the Steak is the undisputed queen, everything else revolves around it, designed to enhance it and to accompany the guest in a real “Steak Experience“. As in the case of the wine list, which mainly revolves around the great Tuscan vines, but also winks at lovers of Italian and French sparkling wines or important national labels.

Steak Home: Florence’s Ode to the Art of the Perfect Steak

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