Alluring Voyages of Inspiration and Color from Tognana

Tableware in delicate tones like newly bloomed flowers alternate with strong, vibrant colors, a prelude to a hot summer to be spent outdoors, these are the proposals for the 2023 collection by Tognana.

Suggestions from nature, and in particular from the botanical world, are combined with the usual high-quality materials such as stoneware and porcelain.

The collections represent an immersion in ambiance and seasons. The beauty of the collection Atmosfere Poetiche draws its inspiration from realm of dreamy romanticism, a mood definitely in keeping with spring; while Fascino Mediterraneo celebrates the shapes and colors so closely associated with an Italian summer filled with seaside vacations, and moments of absolute joy and carefreeness in which everything seems possible.

Vibrazioni Marine, on the other hand, transports the table to the French Riviera, with the chic style that has always distinguished it: materic textures in a select range of shades that includes white, blue, and red, with an occasional turn toward orange emerge to create a scenery that brings a sense of vibe and life. Finally, Tropical Energie Tropicale features a bold color palette and an unmistakable contemporary design, with its jungle and tribal-inspired patterns.

Tognana Atmosfere Poetiche

Parisian and floral, this Tognana collection lends a spring style to the décor and a romantic touch to the entire home thanks to its watercolor features: perfect for a romantic tête a tête, but especially for the first outdoor dinners of the warm season.

Part of this line is Atelier, an 18-piece table service inspired by poetic atmospheres made of porcelain, which features a floral design for the flat and dessert plate and a sponged design for the soup plate, renewing traditional patterns with a touch of romance.

The Gaia line is ideal for spring tables, with its watercolor botanical decorations giving the mise en place a romantic flair that recreates the warmth of the countryside. Made of stoneware and porcelain, it regales guests with a floral atmosphere of soft colors and hints of poetry.

Tognana Mediterranean Charm

The colorful looks of Fascino Mediterraneo are inspired by fruit or traditional ceramic wainscoting, bringing a distinctive style to the table to celebrate summer on the shores of the Mediterranean. The line is designed for an aperitif with friends on the terrace or for a garden lunch enlivened by chatter and laughter, instantly adding to the feeling of being on vacation.

A stoneware tableware service in shades of yellow and green, brightened by the lemons that decorate the flat plate and dessert plate: this is the essence of Tognana’s Zagara line, created to accompany the Shanti textile line, in 100% cotton. Zagara’s delicate geometric motifs recall a summer escape by declining them in other shades. In addition to tablecloths and runners, Shanti also lends elegance to the kitchen with sets of tea towels and potholders – for the more romantic, even in the shape of a heart.

Vibrantly colored accessories perfect on the summer table: the Lemon Garden line resembles the shape of citrus leaves and fruits in various guises. Plates, saucers, bowls, and cups make up the collection that also contains fun appetizer bowls and even a salt and pepper shaker set to express all the love for the warmer season.

The Lipari table service, in porcelain, echoes the typical Sicilian ornamental cementine in the cheerful shades of blue, yellow, and green mixed with white in its decoration, and finds its ideal complement in the chopping boards of the Soleil line. They, too, closely echo the textural decorations of the cement tiles and are available in a variety of shapes and assorted decors, making for an impressive presentation.

A stoneware tableware service that looks to give due importance to Mediterranean charm is the Naxos line, which comes in shades of white and blue-a pattern of great elegance and personality, ideal for bringing Mediterranean majolica to summer tables. Accompanying it are bolos in three assorted decors from the Nice line, which echo its decoration to create the perfect mise en place.

Tognana Vibrazioni Marine

Style à la tropézienne never goes out of fashion: the Vibrazioni Marine tableware collection by Tognana brings refined style, with nautical charm and easy chic inspirations to create an atmosphere that will transport everyone from the dinner table to the French Riviera on the hottest and sunniest days of the year.

Dishes and salad bowls from the Blue and Orange Ritual line, are made especially to bring summer tones to the table, thanks to the warm and enveloping shades of orange and yellow, with inflections in a bold blue as deep as the sea.

The red of Tognana’s Pompei line, in a shiny, durable stoneware, enlivens the hand-painted plates and cups of which the collection is composed, drawing inspiration from the history and details of the thriving city it once was.

Tognana Energie Tropicale

The tropical trend is a must in today’s table, and Tognana interprets it with bright colors, in yellow, pink, and light blue tones, as well as green, whose liveliness cannot be missed within the table setting that beckons for guests to sit down to a delicious summer dinner.

The Kenthia line is perfect for those who love tropical and naturalistic atmospheres: in fact, it is inspired by the jungle style but with a touch of elegance, dedicated to those looking for a refined service with personality. Composed of six dinner plates, six soup plates and six dessert plates all made of porcelain, it features patterns that recall tropical energy, also reflected in the Carry textile. The vibrancy of the colors makes this line ideal for cheerful spring dining.

For those who love originality but prefer neutral colors, the Chakra line, made of high-quality porcelain, is perfect. Its ethno-chic mood blends contemporary design with an exotic twist, mixing tradition with modernity for a stylish and curated mise en place.


Alluring Voyages of Inspiration and Color from Tognana

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