Oh, Sweet Christmas from Federico Prodon Pâtisserie

Federico Prodon’s Pâtisserie celebrates its first Christmas with some very sweet artisanal surprises, among them, panettone at its first edition.

He has been present at Rome’s Mercato Centrale since April 8th and last June opened the doors of a “sweet” boutique in the Borgo Pio area. The trademark is its name, Federico Prodon Pâtisserie, from the sign on the front door to the Tiffany green packaging.

The Philosophy of Federico Prodon Patisserie

A very specific choice to pay homage to his dream and philosophy: preparations and techniques from the Italian confectionery tradition, with quality raw materials, totally avoiding the use of chemical flavorings and hydrogenated fats. France, on the other hand, is present in the aesthetics, with distinct references to the windows of Parisian pâtisseries.

The Roman Pastry Chef is preparing to undertake his first Christmas and is certainly not caught unprepared. Lots of ideas, starting with his panettone, declined in two flavors: Traditional, with Australian 6-crown raisins and candied orange and a dough flavored with lemon and orange candied fruit paste; Chocolate, with gianduia dough, IGP Piedmont hazelnut paste and dark chocolate pearls.

Also for Christmas, the goal is to carry on his production philosophy, thus the use of pure raw material, natural flavors at the expense of chemical ones, best quality of butter. A panettone that does not compromise with the confectionery industry, without preservatives and with a naturally leavened dough.

“When we talk about craftsmanship, we have to look at the product label, which has to indicate very few ingredients,” Federico Prodon explains. “Here my concept of pure raw material comes back, although unfortunately it is a concept that is very often overblown.”

The standard size of 1 kg can be purchased directly in the boutique or in the selling point at the Central Market. The delicious gift ideas will also be available, with customizable Christmas boxes in addition to the one designed by the Pastry Chef that includes: 6 chocolate bars, 250 g nougat, 30% Viterbo hazelnut spread and a panettone.

Federico Prodon

Oh, Sweet Christmas from Federico Prodon Pâtisserie

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