Swordfish Recipe with Turnips, Red Fruits and Buffalo Milk

A journey in taste from the North to the South of Italy to discover refined Christmas recipes: Churchill 1795, a British company specializing in the production of tableware for the catering industry, is celebrating the upcoming holidays with the “Natale al piatto” project, which involves five Italian restaurants, La Filetteria Italiana, Osteria dell’Orologio, Pescheria, Villa Costanza and Merula, called upon to offer, throughout the month of December, an unreleased Christmas dish inspired by the British tableware company’s novelties and bestsellers.

After Lombardy and the dish signed by La Filetteria Italiana, the journey continues to Lazio, where chef Marco Claroni of Osteria dell’Orologio in Fiumicino offers the recipe “Marinated swordfish with pomegranate, turnips, red fruits and buffalo milk.”

Claroni’s cuisine focuses on quality and seasonality: fundamental is the respect for products and the natural fishing cycle. His cuisine linked to the territory and Italian culinary culture, has an eye to the sea and is open to distant gastronomic experimentation and contamination. For this, the chef chose the Homespun Accents Aquamarine Walled Plate, whose color is reminiscent of the sea and delicate concentric pattern enhances the ingredients.

For the Swordfish Recipe: Ingredients for 4 people

For the marinated swordfish

Swordfish fillet: 400 g
Fine salt: 28 g
Brown sugar: 12 g
Pomegranate juice: 200 ml
Smoking wood: to taste

For the osmosis turnips

Red turnips: 2
White turnips: 2
Radishes: 8
Sugar: 8 g
Salt: 3 g
Lemon: 1

For the buffalo sauce

Stracciatella di bufala: 100 g
Milk: 40 ml

For the sorbet

Water: 50 ml
Red fruit mix: 200 g
Red turnip juice: 50 ml
Sugar: 70 g
Limes: 1
Sorrel leaves: to taste
Caviar: to taste


Marinate swordfish with salt, sugar and pomegranate juice for 24 hours. Pat dry and smoke. Cut turnips with a mandoline and marinate with sugar, salt, and lemon in a vacuum for two hours. For the buffalo sauce, whisk together the two ingredients and sieve them. Prepare the sorbet by making a syrup with water, sugar and lime. Whisk in the red berries and turnip juice. Ice. Assemble the dish by placing the sword carpaccio, turnip salad and buffalo sauce in a semicircle. Finish with the caviar, sorrel leaves and sorbet.

Osteria dell’Orologio

Swordfish Recipe with Turnips, Red Fruits and Buffalo Milk

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