Imperfectly styled material archetypes

A stylistic unicum, with an eclectic and unusual soul, in perfect synergy between art and design – these are the hallmarks of the table collections designed by Imperfetto Lab, an evocative narration of the battle between “nature” and “technè“, between natural and artificial, through the imperfections and contradictions of art.

Solid, undefined identities are expressed through an alphabet of archetypal forms, such as trunks, pebbles, bubbles, shells, cavities, spheres, bulbs or rocks. The main material of the furnishing accessories, modelled with skill and expertise, is fibreglass, used to mark out tables, benches, bookcases, poufs, lounge-chairs, lamps and objects with a direct and vibrant aesthetic, devoid of hypocrisy, brushed by white or black tones, diluted at most by some metallic shine or by material coverings.

Curved and sinuous, the evocative pieces of furniture, with a strong emotional impact, are modelled and sculpted in full scale by a skilful hand, that of the artist, designer and sculptor Verter Turroni, giving life to a matrix which then, through a mould, transfers the characters of form and substance to its multiples. In the processing sequence, the handmade finish, different for each kind of object, allows all the elements to acquire identity and uniqueness.

Bioma Imperfetto Lab

An evocative, fluctuating layer of incinerated bark overlooks an ecozone with a magmatic appearance: fibreglass masterfully modelled by the hands of Verter Turroni takes on unexpected shapes in Bioma, distinguished by a black painted metal structure, available as a single seat, an evocative solitary “microcosm” or in the two-seater version, as a place to share a sort of existential universe.

Epochè Imperfetto Lab

Intimate and welcoming is the Epochè armchair: its name in ancient Greek means “suspension” and it is precisely this suspended, ethereal appearance that characterises the seat, a parenthesis in which to sit comfortably, temporarily interrupting judgement but not reflection. The fibreglass shell incorporates a cushion covered in leatherette or, in the limited editions, can be customised in vintage or designer fabric, while the base is in black painted metal.

Pùka Imperfetto Lab

Slender profile with a pointed shape and generous dimensions for Pùka, an armchair with a fibreglass shell on a metal frame. The peculiarity of the piece lies in the “leather” effect texture of the seat which deceives the eye, making one imagine a soft black leather armchair. However, fibreglass, a material that is rigid by nature but extremely mouldable, in no way denies the comfort of the seat and the support of the enveloping backrest.

Solo Imperfetto Lab

Functional and elegant, perfect for embellishing the living area, the Solo console in rust-effect metal, adorned with a top as long as 3 metres, available, as an option, with a resin finish.

Antipode Imperfetto Lab

The tables by Imperfetto Lab are also original and eclectic, such as Antipode, a challenge to the laws of physics: the complement stands on just three feet, but does not wobble or give way, finding its unshakeable point of balance in the encounter between the carbonised wood-effect fibreglass bases and a scratch-resistant Fenix top.

Plateau Imperfetto Lab

Sculptural and geometric, the Plateau table design is born from the coupling of two rotating solids that come together to stop in full balance: the round top, manually treated with a scratch-resistant resin, rests with firm lightness on the white or black fibreglass base.

Unda Imperfetto Lab

Finally, there is room for accessories, with the Unda vases, named after the wavy geological formations characteristic of the surfaces of planets or other bodies. The design collection consists of large containers, vases and risers with black or white interiors.

Imperfectly styled material archetypes

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