The Taste of Excellence: Brenta Cheese Selezione Oro

A product of excellence, made with 100% Italian milk, with a delicate fragrance of herbaceous notes, the perfect synthesis of high quality artisanal production: Brenta Cheese Selezione Oro by Latterie Vicentine.

The cheese which is the pride of the company from Bressanvido, in the province of Vicenza, recently took home First Prize in the Category ‘Stagionati’ at the 7th edition of the Italian Cheese Awards – the most important national award dedicated to the best dairy productions Made in Italy.

Thus the prestigious award list of Brenta Selezione Oro grows: in addition to the above-mentioned recognition, in fact, the prized product received the Gold Medal category ‘Pasta dura oltre 10 mesi’ at Caseus Veneti 2022, the Special Mention as ‘cheese of excellence’ assigned by the technical commission of Caseus Veneti 2022 and the Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in Oviedo 2021 (Spain).

What Makes Brenta Cheese Unique

The special feature of this cheese is the aging stage: the production process begins in Bressanvido with the processing of pasteurized cow’s milk, collected from the stables of member farms and naturally aged for at least eight months in a cave in Schio (Vicenza), in a former air-raid shelter renovated by the Vicenza cooperative.

Brenta Selezione Oro is still processed by artisans in all its stages: it has a semi-cooked paste, which tends to acquire a greater consistency and a more intense color as aging progress, with a delicate aroma with herbaceous notes and a marked taste.

“Brenta Selezione Oro,” explains Alessandro Mocellin, president of Latterie Vicentine, “is a cheese produced exclusively by our cooperative with milk from our 300 farmers that matures in the cave in Schio. It is a product that has been able to distinguish itself from the very first moment, filling us with pride with many awards even at the international level. After the satisfaction at Caseus, comes further confirmation from the Italian Cheese Awards. A prestigious recognition that we dedicate to our members and collaborators, a team of the highest value that achieves extraordinary results.”

How to Enjoy Brenta Selezione Oro

“The product is enjoying great success,” declares general manager Piero Cerato. “Highly appreciated even by the most demanding palates, it is available in all our outlets and we are also proposing it more and more to large-scale retail and Do and Horeca channels. It is an excellent ally in the kitchen because it is easy to use in a variety of recipes as well as serving it on its own with an aperitive or at a brunch. In fact, a new project will soon start with the local restaurant world that will feature it in many dishes. An initiative espoused both by restaurateurs and by Anna Maria Pellegrino, founding president of AIFB, Italian Food Bloggers Association, and APCI advisor.”

Latterie Vicentine

The Taste of Excellence: Brenta Cheese Selezione Oro

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