Terrazza Triennale: A Vista Over Milan Amidst Taste and Design

In the heart of Milan, with an evocative panorama that is divided between history and innovation – on one side Sforza Castle and on the other the skyscrapers that interpret the rapid development of the Lombard capital – Terrazza Triennale reopens on the top floor of the renowned Palazzo dell’Arte, home of Triennale Milano designed by architect Giovanni Muzio in the early 1930s.

Since its origins, Triennale has established itself on the international scene as a cultural hub, capable of narrating contemporary advancement through the visual and performing arts and, above all, through design and architecture, so much so that it has materialized as the home of the Museum of Italian Design: a prestigious and permanent display that exhibits and narrates the most iconic and representative pieces of this sector, a source of pride for our country.

A point of reference for Milanese culture, Triennale Milano identifies itself as a meeting place for visitors of all ages who, driven by curiosity and a desire to know, know that they can find here an inexhaustible source of culture.

The concept of the menu that Compass Group Italia – a multinational company specializing in catering services and responsible for the management of Terrazza Triennale – has entrusted to the consultancy of Michelin-starred chef Tommaso Arrigoni, is made concrete thanks to Albano Rrapi, former executive chef at Ducasse, Cracco, and Bartolini.

The style of menu, which varies with each season, is inspired by the cornerstones of Italian cuisine, particularly Milanese and the surrounding area.

The overall proposal aims to speak to the most varied segments of the public, embracing everyone from Triennale’s regulars to younger people and families, in the wake of a philosophy that embraces the values of hospitality and the pleasure of “stopping by.”

Elegant, welcoming, recognizable in style but unobtrusive: it is with these words that it is possible to describe the spaces of Terrazza Triennale, designed by the OBR Studio of Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi in 2015, conceived to accommodate up to sixty people. Compass Group Italia rethought its interiors in order to create a visual and structural continuity with the external landscape.

Studio OBR chooses Pedrali to furnish the Terrazza Triennale

Pedrali furnishings find their natural place in this context: the Nemea chairs by CMP Design, a collection of chairs whose shape recalls the idea of classical gracefulness shaped by time and history, chosen in a finish that recalls the parquet floor of the hall. Completing the room is the Arki-table, with a blue fenix top, linear and rigorous from a structural point of view but at the same time versatile and imagined for different situations of use. Present with round top, to accommodate 4 to 6 people, and rectangular for larger groups.

Here once again, and in particular in the Milanese scene, culture and cuisine intersect in a path that sees foundations, museums and cultural institutions focusing on haute cuisine, integrating quality gastronomic proposals with the world of art and design.

Photo: Agnese Bedini


Terrazza Triennale

Terrazza Triennale: A Vista Over Milan Amidst Taste and Design

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