Textural Authenticity

Tables are among the products that have characterized the evolution and design of Bartoli Design.

The Poe Table for Laurameroni

The fulcrum of conviviality, important elements in terms of aesthetics and space organization, they are objects destined to be important presences in the home and, for this reason, the studio dedicates in-depth research to them. The latest proposal, are the Poe tables designed for Laurameroni.

The intent of architects Anna and Paolo Bartoli is to succeed in improving performance, while deepening experimentation with materials and looking to the future. As Paolo Bartoli explains, “We do continuous research on what materials to choose and how to use them for both an aesthetic and performance function: for the Poe tables we thought of marble, wood, and upholstery with black rye straw inlays; we want to make products that remain valid forever, and the use of noble and authentic materials is very important.”

Bartoli Design’s Authentic Expression of Italian Design

Thus was born a refined model, contemporary in its elegance and personality, capable of reflecting the Bartoli Design signature and the soul of Laurameroni. The Poe table system is defined by tops with rounded edges and inlays – in marble, smooth wood or glossy lacquer – and by legs with an ovoid section in smooth wood, glossy lacquer or lacquer with metallic varnish or even covered with handcrafted inlay in black rye straw.

Two elements, top and legs, both characterizing and unique to the project, in aesthetic and formal balance with each other. Light supports are visually appealing even on large tables, and here the legs have an elemental, tapered shape that allows for multiple configurations, to support circular, oval, rectangular, square tops and even custom or custom-designed tops.

“The 20-year collaboration with Laurameroni and the aesthetic sensibility we share with the company,” says Anna Bartoli, “has allowed us to express and deepen values that are important to us, such as research on materials and their expression through processing, the fusion of tradition and contemporaneity, all elements that are also expressed in the new Poe table system.”


Textural Authenticity

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