The Art of a Proper Greeting

There is an art to greeting a person, one that raises standards and elevates the world we live in with the smallest of correct gestures. Knowing the proper rules to follow can be more complicated, yet in our every day a few simple rules can guide us. First of all, it is useful to remember which formulas are best avoided. Saying “Hello” has become so customary, to the point of being the norm, however, how nice it used to be when a simple greeting was more thoughtful. Consider how pleasant it is to greet a person with a proper “Good morning or Good evening” when you met him or her on the street, or when entering a store, or when being introduced. Although the years have passed, the exact formula of the greeting has in reality remained the same. “Hello and Hi” should be avoided as much as possible, unless you’re a youngster, and, even then, it would be better to teach our children to greet properly. So, the next time you are out raise your own standards and wish those you meet a good morning without the fear of feeling outdated or out of style.


Mita Luciani Ranier


Mita comes from an aristocratic family, growing up in an environment where etiquette and the rules of savoir vivre are not just a set of behavioral precepts, but a true way of life. Her work in public relations pushed her to want to share her innate skills acquired in this field – first through television appearances, then traveling around Italy and abroad. Eventually, she founded Ieparome, the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of Rome – where the objective is to train young people, professionals, and non-professionals, who wish to establish themselves in their careers and personal lives. Knowing how to speak in public, managing conflictual situations in the office, choosing one’s wardrobe, presenting oneself correctly at a work engagement, or preparing a table, are daily occurrences. Increasing one’s skills means being able to handle these situations in the most effective, relaxed, and natural way possible. Her knowledge is an additional resource for anyone.

The Art of a Proper Greeting

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