The Candy Box Collection

The Candy Box is the new, colorful capsule collection by Draga & Aurel for the iconic Milanese gallery Nilufar. Loosely inspired by the world of candy and a carefree and joyful imagery, it consists of three collectible pieces entirely made of cast resin, a play of shades, lights and transparencies that intuitively satiates the most gourmet designer tastes.

Sweet Inspiration Between Nina and Draga & Aurel

“When Nina came to visit our atelier in Como for us it was something unique, we were bursting with excitement and curiosity. It was as if she was following her inner guide, stopping to observe specific objects and color samples. She started playing with the different resin shapes, mixing them, removing existing bases or stacking table tops. We immediately felt free to play with her and a strong creative complicity was created: together we had fun assembling and disassembling prototypes, and new insights blossomed. The Candy Box collection was thus born, without us even realizing it,” Draga & Aurel say.

The Candy Box Pieces

The Candy Box consists of the modular Bon Bon tables, which are fun, sweet and delicious, like fruit jellies. Composed of three modular elements, entirely made of resin, these small tables know how to tease the imagination thanks to their play on transparencies and colors.

The Py bedside table embodies Draga and Aurel’s mastery of working with resin: the play of shades and shadows offers a geometric, three-dimensional effect.

Completing The Candy Box is the Caramel chandelier. Obtained by superimposing three sheets of resin to create different shades and complementary color palettes. These pendant chandeliers communicate joy and lightness, just like delicious candies.

The entire production was handmade in Draga & Aurel’s atelier in Como and each piece is completely unique. The cast resin is tinted by obtaining different shades of color and then poured into molds specifically created for these products, to which they give the final shape.

The Candy Box Collection

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