The Captivating Magic of Crystal with Lalique

Objects with a strong artistic value declined in pure crystal and synonymous with the utmost craftsmanship and creativity – this is the ethos of the Fall/Winter 2022 collections by the French brand Lalique. Colors, light, beauty, and a devotion to creating refinement in every detail bring pieces that stun for their exceptionality.

Cactus Coffee Table Lalique

Created in 1951 by Marc Lalique, the Cactus table is now also offered as a coffee table and declined in three new colors. Crystal swirls follow the rhythm of light, drawing the eye to its depths. This majestic table embodies the creative genius and unique expertise of master glassmakers.

In fact, to participate in the creation of this exceptional work of art, a craftsman must have received the award of Best Craftsman of France.

The Cactus table is available in three new colors: amber, green, and transparent and black, shades that also enrich the Cactus table collection.

Anémones votive Lalique

The anemone, a symbol of purity and innocence, particularly inspired René Lalique, who made it the protagonist of many jewelry and decorative objects. With the Anémones votive collection, the brand offers a fresh look at this transfigured creation in votive sculptures and vases, available in different sizes and colors, such as the new gold luster variant.

This bright and warm accessory also proves perfect as a gift idea for the holiday season. Made of frosted and polished crystal, the emblem of the prestigious brand, the flowers are juxtaposed in a graphic game of repetition, capturing their ephemeral beauty.

Toulouse Rabbit Lalique

Lalique celebrates 2023 as the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology through the new sculpture Toulouse Rabbit, offered in different colors and finishes. Soft and peaceful, the Rabbit is a symbol of happiness and good fortune, and the native of this sign is refined, kind and patient.

Mezuzah by Irma Orenstein Lalique

Mezuzah crystal, with its curved lines that catch the light, lures and captures the eye with its striking elegance. Although it is produced at the Lalique manufacture in Wingen-sur-Moder in Alsace, its design comes from Tel Aviv.

Irma Orenstein, an Israeli architect and designer, envisioned and styled it, wanting to create a unique mezuzah that beautifully conveys the cultural symbolism associated with this sacred object.

Irma finds her inspiration in her traditions. For her, the mezuzah represents home. This collaboration was born out of a desire to fuse faith and art together. The purity of the satin finish and re-polished crystal combined with the brilliance of the finely engraved frame with specific markings make this object a unique and exceptional piece.


The Captivating Magic of Crystal with Lalique

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