The Charms of Autumn Along the Amalfi Coast

When it comes to travel to the Amalfi Coast, there is a common misconception that the ideal time is during those high-season bustling summer months, when the sun is blazing and the area’s beautiful streets, piazzas and beaches are filled with other travellers also in search of the perfect Amalfi summer. Yet, in reality, during the autumn season, this corner of paradise reveals another side of itself, one that is more intimate, quiet and peaceful, yet equally fascinating and evocative.

In this area of great beauty, the hiking trails may well prove to be the most striking discovery, winding away to where the sky blends with the sea as if it were one, as a warm and colorful landscape frames the footpathsand the scent of lemon groves envelops those wandering them.

This corner of paradise not only hosts delightful villages, small towns overlooking the sea and world-renowned locations, but also possesses a more intimate and hidden soul, a small universe not immediately visible made up of paths, trails and dreamlike scenery all to be explored and experienced intensely.

Behind Amalfi, in a strategic position overlooking the sea, stand Hotel Santa Caterina and Le Ville della Marchesa, emblems of luxury and sophistication. Between spacious and bright suites, Mediterranean-style settings and breathtaking views, these facilities guarantee their guests dreamy stays.

On the Amalfi Coast: Experience the Magic of Hotel Santa Caterina

Just a few minutes away from Amalfi, in one of the most picturesque spots on the coast, Hotel Santa Caterina is built sheer above the sea, within a vast property that “plunges” down to the water with a series of beautiful natural terraces.

Two rock-cut elevators or a spectacularly beautiful pathway take guests through citrus groves and lush gardens to the sea-level facilities, which include a seawater swimming pool, solarium, fitness center, café/bar, and outdoor restaurant.

In the evening, the allure continues in the elegant restaurant with a candlelight dinner while admiring the striking view of moonlit Amalfi.

Notable suites include “Follia Amalfitana” with its round mini-pool with a glass window and breathtaking views of the bay, or “Giulietta e Romeo” with a terrace overlooking the sea and a private infinity pool.

Hotel Santa Caterina has 36 rooms of standard, superior and deluxe types and 13 junior suites, executive junior suites, suites and senior deluxe suites located in the main building. In addition, there are another 17 rooms and suites among the Garden Suites, the “Villa Santa Caterina” annexes and the “Villa il Rosso” in the lush park.

From April 2022, Le Ville della Marchesa: a complex of suites nestled in hanging gardens overlooking the sea just a few meters from Hotel Santa Caterina, were added to the accommodations offered.

Since 2019, the hotel’s gastronomic offerings have been designed by Chef Giuseppe Stanzione: breakfasts, snacks, the Bistrot, the elegant Glicine fine-dining restaurant, which was awarded a star by the Michelin Guide 2020, with windows overlooking the gulf panorama and a more refined and personal menu with the Chef’s imprint, and the Al Mare Restaurant, with simpler, more traditional and predominantly seafood dishes.

The wine list offers a careful selection of Italian and foreign labels and a choice production from Campania.

Hotel Santa Caterina

The Charms of Autumn Along the Amalfi Coast

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