The Christmas 2022 Panettone Selection

Classic or decked out in unusual combinations, Panettone cannot be missed on the Christmas tables of Italians. Here is a selection from the most mouth-watering options for this holiday season.

Armani/Dolci Panettone by Guido Gobino

Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino celebrates Christmas with the usual selection of typical sweets dedicated to the festivities, produced with the highest quality materials, following with artisan wisdom the recipes of the regional confectionery tradition.

In addition to the 1 kg pandoro and chocolate pralines, there is the panettone prepared according to the traditional Milanese method in the 100 gr. and 1 kg. format, offered in four different flavor variants: classic, peach and gianduiotto, moscato and in the rich version with chocolate coating and Guido Gobino decorations.

The design of the paper that wraps the gift boxes and tin boxes, large and small, is a graphic play of golden lines that intersect to form a pattern of stars. The contrasting deep green background mimics the shades and veining that recall a particular variety of marble, often included by Giorgio Armani in his interior design projects. A grosgrain ribbon, in light gold with logo and lamé blue geometric design, seals the packages.


Niko Romito Limited Edition Panettone

Tristate chef Niko Romito’s decade-long work on great leavened goods is being celebrated this year with a special limited edition 1.5 kg panettone. A dough that follows traditional large leavened goods processing techniques with four time- and temperature-controlled processes and mainly organic ingredients.

Sourdough from the fermentation of grapes from Casadonna’s vineyard, organic wheat flour, organic egg yolk, organically grown Bourbon vanilla pods, butter from fresh cream, citrus honey, raisins and hand-selected and hand-candied organic orange peel.

Even the packaging is meticulous in its details: a red cloth box holds the hand-packed Panettone one by one. The linen bag and a numbered and signed card add a touch of warm elegance to the most beloved dessert of the Christmas tradition.

Niko Romito

Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s Panettone

Classic, limoncello, pistachio, gianduja, chocolate and coffee, pear and chocolate, vegan chocolate, and the Melannurca IGP Special Edition panettone: these are the panettone cakes made by the newly tristellist Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

All panettoni have the same base, which involves artisanal processing with selected ingredients that are mostly Italian. For example, the flour is 100 percent Italian wheat, the yolk comes only from eggs from free-range Italian hens, the centrifuge butter is 100 percent Italian, and the bourbon vanilla comes from Madagascar. There are five steps for the kneading operations, a 36-hour rising process and seven hours of resting “upside down.”

In addition to the Panettone Classico, with hints of orange peel, candied lemon, tangerine and mixed-flower honey, it is possible to choose the Gianduia Panettone, characterized by a milk gianduia dough without candied fruit and externally by an almond and hazelnut glaze, the Limoncello Panettone, with a white chocolate glaze, candied lemon peels and a soft heart of Sorrento limoncello cream, Panettone Pear and Chocolate, or even last year’s Limited Edition Chocolate and Coffee Panettone, composed with a dough with milk and dark chocolate nuggets and a white chocolate and coffee glaze.

For 2022, the Chef has also created three new panettone cakes: the first is the Pistachio Panettone without candied fruit, covered with a white chocolate glaze and internally with a soft dough filled with Pistachios; the innovative Panettone Melannurca IGP Special Edition, made with a dough with Melannurca Campana IGP and covered with a mouthwatering white chocolate glaze; the V-label certified Vegan Chocolate Christmas Cake, made on the outside with a glaze made with almond and hazelnut flour, while inside the dough holds nuggets of dark chocolate.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Panettone NeroSale Loison

Sophisticated proposals, including classic flavors, fruity flavors and variegated sizes: Loison’s Christmas 2022 is colored with unusual combinations, such as the NeroSale Panettone, enriched with a salted caramel cream, the recipe for which was conceived and created by Dario Loison, and dark chocolate nuggets.

It is an exuberant sweet-savory balance where one flavor does not overpower the other but rather bursts into a lively whole. Available in Frutta e Fiori (500 g and 1 kg), Gold (750 g), and Latta Limited Edition (750 g) collections.


Dolcemascolo Pistachio Panettone

Dolcemascolo’s line of Great Leavened products reflects an artisan tradition made of slow times, respect for raw materials and the traditional techniques of the pastry chef. The Natural Panettone studied by Matteo is born from a three-dough leavening that counts three days of processing, a selection of raw materials of the highest quality and the total absence of additives or preservatives.

For this Christmas, the line is enriched with some important new entries. In addition to the Classic, Chocolate, Forest Fruit, Chocolate and Pear, and Chocolate and Raspberry Panettone, the Pistachio Panettone with homemade artisanal spreadable cream lands online. The soft dough with a delicate dried fruit flavor is enriched with white chocolate chips and balances the crunchiness of the pistachio glaze garnished with wafer pralines and whole pistachios.


Soft White Temptation Panettone by Bakery Chef Fabio Tuccillo

There is no Christmas without panettone, and the young Bakery Chef Fabio Tuccillo knows it well.Combining a centuries-old Italian tradition and a touch of innovation and creativity, he is launching his new proposals for the Christmas holidays, as many as ten, all different and all made in an artisanal way, with mother yeast and selected ingredients.

Fresh, fragrant and very soft is Soft White Temptation, the Bakery chef’s first original innovation in the fragrant world of panettone. A dough made with yogurt, reminiscent of plumcake dough, filled with jellies and raspberry chocolate, ingredients capable of giving the leavened product a sweet taste with a slightly sour note, evoking the scent of raspberry coulis while still warm.

Tuccillo Bakery

Pantelleria’s Zibibbo Raisin Panettone Di Stefano Dolciaria

One of this year’s Sicilian postcards by Di Stefano Dolciaria takes us to an island in the island, namely, Pantelleria, which inspired the new Christmas 2022 flavor, the Pantelleria Zibibbo Raisin Panettone: velvety and fragrant on the palate, this particular type of grape, wrapped in the soft dough expresses its natural sweetness and its distinct crunchy note of seeds inside. Even its packaging – like all those of the leavened products – echoes in shape the idea of the bread envelope closed by hand with a drawstring, and for the colors it draws on that of the main ingredient of panettone, in this case, the brick red of Pantelleria raisins.

“The new Pantelleria Zibibbo raisin flavor,” says production manager Enzo Di Stefano, “is the result of teamwork between the research and development department and production. We have always aimed at the enhancement and promotion of local raw materials, but the fact that we have a long experience does not make it an automatic and easy process. I am not only referring to the fine-tuning of the recipe, but also to the search for local producers and the creation of an entire supply chain that allows us to produce our panettone cakes as we have conceived them. While the limited-run panettone sounds like a novelty, its taste on the palate invites us to rediscover the flavors of yesteryear, careful not to betray both the traditional recipe and our quest for authenticity.”

Di Stefano

Panettone Berton

Chef Andrea Berton offers his 1 kg artisan panettone prepared according to the traditional Milanese recipe. The classic holiday dessert, made with selected ingredients in line with the Chef’s quality standards and philosophy, is available both at the restaurant and online.

Andrea Berton

Panettone MI.O Chef Daniel Canzian

There is all the flavor of the Belpaese tradition in “MI.O” panettone, the classic holiday dessert signed by Daniel Canzian.

Characterized by softness and distinctive aromas, “MI.O” well represents the elements of the Conegliano Veneto chef’s philosophy, combining the simplicity typical of his cuisine with innovative elements that define a contemporary proposal in continuous evolution. Giving refined aromatic scents to this special panettone is the chef’s iconic Roasted Orange Paste, which, combined with the dough, guarantees extreme fluffiness.

“MI.O” – whose name recalls the home city of panettone – was born in 2019 from the collaboration between Daniel Canzian and Albertengo – a brand known in Italy and abroad for the production of great leavened products – with a recipe that changes and evolves over the years, keeping high quality and attention to the selection of raw materials at the center.

Today, “MI.O” is a classic panettone, particularly soft, characterized by an alveolatura that encloses the chef’s Roasted Orange Paste, a preparation made from oranges, Navel or Tarocco, and almond oil, without preservatives, made with a very low percentage of sugar (no more than 10 percent), one of the iconic products of the Daniel Canzian Emporium, which releases a unique and recognizable fragrance with every slice. The result is a surprising softness that gives the palate a refined fragrance.

Daniel Canzian

Knamettone Ernst Knam

The special edition of Knamettone is back, varying in its ingredients each year, designed to bring a unique taste experience. The 2022 version is with cubes of candied tangerine peel and Peru Pachiza 70% dark chocolate and covered with an almond glaze, granulated sugar and pistachios. 

“I combined tradition and in-depth research of ingredients and raw materials in a novel encounter to create a new way to celebrate. I called it Knamettone, thus signing a classic of Italian pastry,” Ernst Knam explains.

Ernst Knam

Lemon-flavored Amalfi Dream Sal De Riso for Hausbrandt

Fluffy leavened dough filled with limoncello-flavored cream and Amalfi Coast I.G.P. Lemon peels: Sogno d’Amalfi al Limone, handcrafted by Maestro Sal De Riso for Hausbrandt, is a daydream that, at first taste, transports the senses to the splendor of the Coast. The decoration with cookie pralines covered in white chocolate and candied lemon peels make this dessert irresistible.


Olivieri 1882 Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate Panettone

With a double leavening of more than 48 hours, Olivieri 1882’s Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate Panettone is made only with live sourdough and is filled with handcrafted Candied Pumpkin and 55% Dark Chocolate pearls.

100% artisanal, made entirely by hand, the panettone has an extremely soft texture and an elegant but strong taste. It has no preservatives, semi-finished products, flavorings, or vegetable fats.

Olivieri 1882

Panettone Federico Prodon Pâtisserie

The Roman Pastry Chef is preparing to face the first Christmas since the opening of Federico Prodon Pâtisserie, and he is certainly not caught unprepared. Lots of ideas, starting with his panettone, declined in two flavors: Traditional, with Australian 6-crown raisins and candied orange and a dough flavored with lemon and orange candied fruit paste; Chocolate, with gianduia dough, IGP Piedmont hazelnut paste and dark chocolate pearls. 

Also for Christmas, the goal is to carry on its production philosophy, thus the use of pure raw material, natural flavors at the expense of chemical ones, best quality of butter. A panettone that does not compromise with the confectionery industry, without preservatives and with a naturally leavened dough.

Federico Prodon

Panettoni Bonfissuto

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas 2022, Bonfissuto, a Sicilian artisan bakery in Canicattì, presents its latest two creations: the olive oil panettone and the “Le tre Grazie” Street Art panettone.

The first is a traditional, naturally leavened baked cake that encompasses all the authentic taste of Sicily: extra virgin olive oil from the Sicilian lands, Sicilian lemons, covered with sesame, sunflower and flax seeds, and totally lactose-free.

The second, an artistic novelty of the season, features packaging created by Street Artist Mart Signed, an artist committed to environmental struggle and international politics. The Three Graces represent the daughters of the god Zeus and the nymph Eurinome: Aglaia (resplendent), Euphrosyne (joy and gladness) and Thalia (bearer of flowers). They were considered the goddesses of joy, charm and beauty, dispensing happiness and friendship between gods and mortals on great occasions.

The work, a mixed media with spray, stencil and paint on canvas paper, holds a sourdough baked cake with a gianduia dough, dark chocolate chips and zabaglione and marsala cream.


Dolce&Gabbana by Fiasconaro

The meeting between the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana and the confectionery art of Fiasconaro could only result in a unique recipe: the typically Milanese panettone revisited with the flavors of Sicily. The common ingredients of this extraordinary union between North and South are respect for tradition and the courage to experiment, the search for perfection and the discovery of Beauty. But above all, it was the love for the artisanal product entirely “Made in Italy” that fused together the excellence of fashion and pastry.

The recipe of the typical Milanese panettone revisited with dark and milk chocolate is enriched with orange paste. The new leavened product is enclosed in a tin inspired by the kaleidoscopic colors of Sicilian majolica created by the designers.


Panettone Artigianale Classico in cappelliera T’a Milano

The Panettone Artigianale Classico in Cappelliera T’a Milano is created following the ancient art of pastry making and according to the family recipe, handed down from father to son until it reached the hands of Tancredi and Alberto, founders of T’a Milano and great-grandchildren of the famous Gioacchino Alemagna.

Available in an elegant hat box version in perfect vintage style: in fact, the Christmas luxury boxes recall ancient travel hatboxes and embellish all formats of T’a Milano artisan panettone, from Classico to Panettone Pere e Cioccolato and Panettone con Marron Glacé.

T’a Milano

Pantesco Pellegrino

Five visions of Panettone come to life in the name of a unique and indigenous ingredient, Pantelleria raisins: Pantesco Pellegrino is born.

The winery calls on five yeast artisans to create a panettone that is also a culinary journey into the aromas of the black pearl of the Mediterranean. The choice to enhance Pantelleria’s raisins, which have long been replaced by grape-seedless versions from third countries, is no accident for the Cantina. In Pantelleria Pellegrino has been creating fine wines, muscat and raisin wines such as NES since 1992 and, since 2020, also an elegant dry white, ISESI. All from “zibibbo” grapes, from the Arabic zabīb ( بيبز ), raisin grape.

Territory, creativity and sustainability are the real added value of the project, made unique by the mastery of five Sicilian bakers representing as many territories and confectionery schools on the island, and wrapped in innovative and totally circular packaging.

Thus, Mario Arculeo of Panificio D’Angelo, Marineo(PA), with PanTesco La Mora, perfectly blends the traditional recipe with a touch of Sicilian gourmandry through IGP Modica chocolate and Pantelleria raisins blended with Malvasia Pellegrino.

Angelo Calandra from his bakery in the heart of Sicily – Panificio Calandra, Valguarnera Caropepe, (EN) – enhances with PanTesco Maiolica the Pantelleria raisins with a process of immersion for 24 hours in the passito liquoroso.

Pastry chef Carmelo Sciampagna – Pasticceria Sciampagna, Palermo – with PanTesco Gattopardo embellishes his leavened dough with a touch of NES natural raisin wine, while Pietro Cardillo of “A MAIDDA” bakery in Trapani, and Filippo Cuttone of Panificio Cuttone in Catania are the most faithful interpreters of the traditional quintet recipe with PanTesco, with, respectively, PanTesco Orlando and PanTesco Barocco.

The packaging is designed by Elena Scarlata, an award-winning creative for her unique designs, bright colors and use of sustainable fabrics created with the ancient technique used to print Sicilian majolica. For her, fabric is a travelogue of Sicilian identity, a quest for visual archeology drawn in a new language.

Cantine Pellegrino

Panettone White Chocolate and Red Fruits Martesana Milano

A refined and enveloping recipe signed Martesana Milano: the White Chocolate and Red Fruits Panettone, where the dough of the traditional Panettone joins the freshness of semi-candied berries, the sweetness of dark chocolate drops and the creaminess of raspberry jam. All covered with a very fine white chocolate glaze.

Martesana Milano

Panettone Limited Edition Molino Pasini

Molino Pasini’s Christmas Limited Edition 2022 is signed by paper artist Uroš Mihić, who has designed a pattern for the “author tin” with the combination of his iconic origami, made by salvaging old books. Inside, together with the 1 kg Panettone Milano designed by Master Pastry Chef Andrea Tortora, a precious gift: a pendant made by the artist to hang on one’s Christmas tree.

Molino Pasini

Panettone Marron glacé and Chocolate Peck

A mouth-watering novelty for Peck Panettone lovers: in addition to the classic and other historical variants, for Christmas 2022 Peck is launching Panettone with marron glâcé and chocolate. A special edition gift box with Panettone, marron glâcé cream and whiskey, and a personalized Peck spatula, available in only 200 pieces.


Panettone Vogue Pasticceria San Carlo

Condé Nast Italia for the first time develops a license in the luxury food sector proposing, together with Pasticceria San Carlo, a reality symbol of tradition and quality, the Christmas Panettone and to do so it chooses Vogue Italia. A perfect synergy between tradition and innovation, fashion and cuisine; a journey into taste that inspires and involves.

The 2022 version of the Traditional Panettone, accompanied by the new collection of aluminum hatboxes created by internationally renowned designer Octave Marsal, is available in Classic, Pear and Chocolate and Gianduia and Hazelnut flavors.


The Christmas 2022 Panettone Selection

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