The Eclectic Irony of Fratelli Boffi Cabinets

Fine woods, craftsmanship, bright nuances and refined details: Fratelli Boffi interprets cabinets with eclectic irony.

Babel Fratelli Boffi

Babel, designed by Storagemilano, is a multifunctional, cylindrical storage unit made of overlapping volumes, solids and voids, which revolve around a central pivot and change face depending on how they are oriented.

A tribute to the Milanese architecture of Angelo Mangiarotti and Bruno Morassotti, where innovation and elegance blended with irony. From an out-of-scale reading of those designs comes an architectural object, offered in two heights, with revolving sections.

Each section is designed with a different storage function. The overlapping modules are lacquered in different colors and are interspersed with a central module with vertical slats in mahogany with a glossy finish. The play of empty-full reveals the contents and makes Babel a transforming object, also thought of as a bar cabinet in the domestic setting. Small satin-finished brass elements finish the design, demonstrating the attention to detail typical of Fratelli Boffi‘s workmanship.

Oblù Fratelli Boffi

Oblù, designed by Andrea Mancuso | Analogia Project, is a mysterious container, a magic box that partly conceals and partly reveals its use.

The elegant rectangular structure, made of pear wood and supported by two half-circles in burnished brass, is characterized and embellished by circular openings that reveal a marbled decoration inside them, almost as if they were windows, or rather portholes, facing another dimension.

These decorations take up the traditional manual technique of marbled paper in the hyper-decorative peacock-tail variation. The choice of blue, in the designers’ plan, refers to a marine scenery, seen, as the name of the sideboard reminds us, through a porthole.

The use of delicate pear wood, with its peculiar particularly compact fiber, the use of 45-cut edges of the sideboard, are all details that confirm the elective relationship that binds the company to the material, supported by nearly a hundred years of profound knowledge and woodworking.

Kimbolton Fratelli Boffi

The Kimbolton cabinet, designed by Archer Humphryes Architects, is a sideboard with a rigorous, square profile that combines a modern formal language with classical decorations.

The front is divided into two to four doors whose “striated” woodwork converges in the center, introducing a sophisticated geometry reminiscent of French decoration from the early 1930s. The value of this piece is perceived from its interior: in the variant where the upper part is covered in yellow mirror and the lower drawers in leather of the same color or in the black lacquered version.

(W)hole Fratelli Boffi

In the lines of the (W)hole commode, born from the inspiration of Ferruccio Laviani and upholstered in mahogany feather, one recognizes the delicacy and harmony of the Louis XV style so that tradition once again confirms itself as a clear source of inspiration.

The sinuous curves, rich curls and composition of the brass decorations, inspired by the forms of nature, are downplayed by the surreal intrusion of a hole: a pierced cone of lacquered wood that could be the doorway to a dreamlike, visionary world. The emperador marble top with its veining and different shades of color then takes us back to the past again.

A striking piece of furniture shaped with art where the intensity of the visual form is capable of fully expressing the excellence and preciousness of the cabinetmaking work, also available in a version without a decorative hole.

Fratelli Boffi

The Eclectic Irony of Fratelli Boffi Cabinets

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