The Kitchen According to Davide Oldani

Two key words, cuisine and D’O, a well-known restaurant in Cornaredo, in the province of Milan, led by chef Davide Oldani: from the union of the two terms comes CUCINAnD’O, a project conceived by the two-Michelin-starred chef and designed in collaboration with Attila Veress for Aran Cucine.

Davide Oldani’s philosophy

A model that well represents the chef’s philosophy of pop cuisine, just as quality and sustainability are also the basis of the domestic architecture designed by Davide Oldani.

The kitchen’s Layout

The minimal line of the central island layout underscores the attention to intelligent consumption of which Davide Oldani himself is a promoter through an idea of anti-waste cooking that is resolved in the basic thought that, to avoid excess, it is necessary not to produce any.

The definition and distribution of all the spaces of CUCINAnD’O reflect the values of a sustainable kitchen capable of involving and raising awareness among those who live these spaces firsthand.

Eliminating excess translates not only into the most operative part with the induction cooking zone and the composition of black aluminum shelves integrated with the worktop with stainless steel top, but also into the concealed door system that expands along the entire kitchen wall, a sign of extreme essentiality.

The Kitchen’s structure

The formal balance and elegance of this structure made of matte gray lacquer allow the best use of the convivial space: inside, thanks to a compartmentalization organized by pull-out tops, drawers and built-in appliances, the storage of raw materials and the preparation of dishes are facilitated by the possibility of having all the essentials at hand.

The balance of contrasts, another principle on which chef Davide Oldani’s restaurant business is also based, returns in CUCINAnD’O in a new guise: the use and alternation of natural and artificial materials is essential to always find new stimuli, avoiding falling into the repetitiveness of everyday life. The stainless steel worktop finds, thus, its natural continuation in the round elm wood snack placed level.

Creating culinary experiences hat are always up-to-date and enticing is another of CUCINAnD’O’s goals, as recalled by the brushed elm composition, slightly raised ciao the floor, which, with its shelves and storage compartments, is ideal for accommodating cookbooks and volumes of cooking, a source of inspiration for quality dishes.

The sustainability underpinning the entire CUCINAnD’O project is reconfirmed by ARAN Cucine’s partnership with Milesi, one of the largest producers of wood paints made with sustainable processes, born of the brands’ research aimed at proposing Green solutions, deepening experimentation with ecological and recyclable materials.

The Kitchen According to Davide Oldani

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