The “risotto da passeggio” arrives in Rome

Kikky arrives in Rome with its format that focuses on traditional risotto but in a contemporary 2.0 version, transforming it into real street food.

A unique format created to meet the demands of modern living – fast and tasty, while also offering healthy and eco-sustainable catering. Rome’s new Kikky is the Reting Group’s entrepreneurial project that focuses on risotto but in an express on the move formula.

It’s a fast-food restaurant that aims to respect the Italian culinary tradition by offering a formula in line with today’s lifestyle and, at the same time, with practically no environmental impact. Kikky, located in the heart of the San Paolo district, represents the first step in an idea within the restaurant sector, that will allow people to order and enjoy an authentic Italian risotto in a very short time.

Kikky’s innovative formula is made possible through the use of modern technology developed exclusively for this format. For over a year the group focused on how  to prepare a perfect risotto from scratch in just four minutes, also enlisting the help of kitchen equipment that makes it possible to churn out hundreds of dishes every hour in its new space opened a few weeks ago for Delivery and Take Away. At their location in Via Chiabrera, which seats 10 at the counter and is open every day for lunch and dinner, the “walking risotto” is served with a tray and cutlery to be eaten on the road.

“We are convinced that risotto can become an alternative to the world of fast food, a further option between pizza, burgers, piadinas and ethnic food. In our restaurant, the customer will be able to enjoy an experience comparable to buying pizza by the slice, thanks to an extensive menu and fast food preparation times,” says Enrico Tosco, spokesman for the group.

The ambitious project, which envisages the opening of numerous outlets in Rome and throughout Italy over the next few years, bases its gastronomic proposal on a menu whose objective is to reinvent Italy’s adored tradition of the first course – reinterpreting classic recipes from across the peninsula into risotto versions, all prepared with various types of Carnaroli rice. On their “risotto menu”, which includes 14 different choices, the starring role is played by Karbonara, a tribute to the great classic of Roman cuisine; however, there is also room for saffron risotto, porcini mushroom risotto, Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe, as well as seasonal variations, from tasty summer rice salads to the unmissable Risotto delle Feste with lentils and the traditional Italian holiday meat known as cotechino. All  of their “homemade” preparations use fresh products purchased from local suppliers, recipes developed by a catering professional, and make use of technology that not only allows the preparation of perfect risottos but also minimizes food waste.

Besides its new vision for risotto, Kikky is also a project focused 100% on sustainability: a plastic-free format that relies on compostable bamboo for dishes and trays, special packaging for Delivery and Take Away and drinks sold exclusively in glass or aluminum. It’s a project aimed at zero environmental impact with its cornerstone represented by the reuse of waste from rice processing to making the trays that contain the ready meals.

The “risotto da passeggio” arrives in Rome

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