The Sweet Summer of Gelateria Alaska

“Yum, they really make the most amazing ice cream here,” he says licking it all the way down with gusto, even taking a little bite out of it at the end. “It’s not possible for me to like it so much.” And so begins Chapter 7 of Italian author Federico Moccia’s “Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore.” The ice cream in reference is that of Gelateria Alaska, a historic gelateria that has become a symbol for incredible creamy goodness in the area of North Rome – a meeting for young Romans as cited in the novels and a spot loved by the entire capital.

25 Years of Gelato in Rome

Gelateria Alaska is preparing to celebrate, next year, 25 years of activity; years in which it has managed to remain steadfast despite the advent of many new openings that have followed one another near Ponte Milvio. The secret of its enduring success is surely that it has always remained true to the real, natural ice cream, just as it used to be made.

The gelateria has a vast selection, one of the few in Rome with more than 50 flavors on display and a total of more than 250, all strictly made without added powders. “When you process ice cream naturally, there is no limit to the amount of flavors that can be created,” explains Claudio, one of the owners of this historic location.

Extraordinary Ice Cream

In fact, Gelateria Alaska places no limits on the imagination when it comes to flavors, from the most amazing renditions of classic gelatos to tantalisingly delicious creations such as tomato and basil ice cream, asparagus ice cream, or even saffron risotto ice cream. Gelateria Alaska also has a protein line, made with Enervit products, and a sugar-free line made with Stevia.

And if anyone feels torn between choosing a cool gelato or a crisp summer cocktail, fear not because the solution is simple with aperitivo ice creams like the Spritz, Mojito, or Caipiroska. There is also a wide choice of all natural fruit ice creams, as well as an outrageously good dark chocolate, and more flavors that are also very popular with those dedicated to vegan foods.

“All of our more particular or eccentric flavors are highly appreciated by our loyal customers, but what is certain is that there are timeless flavors, just like us: chocolate, hazelnut, cream and pistachio are always the most loved, perhaps because when something is good and tastes like home, you don’t change it.”

The location also prepares decadent milkshakes, smoothies, parfaits, and ice cream cakes – each one prepared with passion, because as Claudio himself points out, this as a place to enjoy, together with family and friends, a moment of sweetness and light heartedness. Gelateria Alaska

The Sweet Summer of Gelateria Alaska

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