The Two Souls of Laurameroni’s Signature Living

Like a chameleon, each of Laurameroni’s signature living collections adapts with flair and elegance to different styles, tastes and occasions, without ever losing identity and recognizability.

Two different living areas with two different souls: one with a gritty, fresh and contemporary green look, and one with a romantic, warm and extremely modern orange taste. Two different environments, heterogeneous and distinct, but linked by the same modern flavor and the same perception of taste and identity.

Our Decor, Bamboo, Terre, Talento and Drapé collections, protagonists at Salone del Mobile 2022, have contributed to creating unique and personalized spaces, transforming the simplest environments into works of skilled artistic craftsmanship.

Extreme attention to detail, lines, and the choice of the finest and most skillfully combined materials reveal the exceptional skill of Laurameroni’s craftsmen, who are able to transform each product into a unique and refined element.

Imperfect table Laurameroni

Family of tables in marble or wood, characterized by important and at the same time essential shapes. Legs and tops available in all woods of the collection, natural or stained, with “Raptor” Liquid Metal finish and in marble.

The focal point of Imperfetto’s design lies in the imposing prismatic base, composed of two or more elements and available in one or more finishes and in different compositions. An extremely modern and decorative detail that refers, in its simplicity, to nature, minerals and rock formations.

Tray Coffee Tables Laurameroni

Set of modular coffee tables with tubular base in etched metal with “tray effect” and top in wood, marble, stone or crystal, available in various sizes and heights. Tray coffee tables, with a modern and creative design, are born to create magnificent multiple compositions of juxtaposition and overlapping.

Thanks to the many available finishes and different sizes, they give the opportunity to play with materials, shapes and colors to create flexible, artistic and personal pieces and compositions.

Kylindros Container Laurameroni

Kylindros is a “walk-in” container made of wood veneer with Decor carving and internally equipped with small shelves of different depths. Kylindros, a large cylindrical element, is the result of the expressive freedom of our craftsmen.

It consists externally of 3 parts covering the entire height, one of which can be opened, while internally the space can be used both for display and as storage.

Sideboard BD51 Laurameroni

BD 51 is a luxury sideboard with Maxima sculpted surface in Liquid Metal or Bronze. It is internally equipped with two fully pull-out drawers and is available with hinged or flap doors. A luxurious sideboard that respects Laurameroni’s philosophy in attention to detail and the most innovative surface workmanship. With Maxima carving, the simplest and most linear forms are transformed into works of skilled artistic craftsmanship.

To celebrate Laurameroni’s 20th anniversary, a Limited Edition version of the iconic Maxima sideboard has been produced in only 20 multiples. For this exclusive edition, Laurameroni presents a luxurious sideboard with the special Metallo Liquido copper burnished finish, which respects its philosophy both in the attention to detail and in the search for the most innovative surface treatments. A true work of art that can give new light and decisive character to any room.

Talento Sideboard Laurameroni

Talento is a storage unit with a wood essence or lacquered frame and glass doors with a strong visual impact, where technique and style come together in a skillful balance of alternating full and empty spaces and different depths. The glass doors reveal a backlit LED backdrop that creates a refined atmosphere and lightly delineates the space that houses it. The rounded edges of the entire structure and the special recessed handle connote even more the originality of the design. An architectural chest designed and equipped for storing objects.

Sideboard Talento Unlimited Laurameroni

Container with wood essence or lacquered frame and doors in “Liquid Metal” finish with “Unlimited” texture, where technique and style come together in a skillful balance of empty and full spaces and different depths that alternate.

The “Unlimited” texture in liquid metal embellishes and emphasizes the central doors by delineating the space they occupy.

Bamboo sideboard Laurameroni

Low sideboard in lacquered wood, featuring customizable decorative channel sequences, available with wood or back-painted glass top. The Bamboo collection is characterized by a series of channels of different sizes that cross the surface of the panel, creating an ever-changing and highly personalized design. Bamboo is like a white board that allows every professional to experiment and create, with the greatest compositional freedom, their own design.

LV102 Laurameroni chair

A chair with a contemporary spirit, LV 102 was created to integrate perfectly into modern and elegant environments. The curved back that hovers in space, envelops the seat with softness and comfort, giving a harmonious and enveloping line. In leather, velvet or fabric, it is also available in a stool version. The minimal and modern design and the use of the finest materials define the uniqueness of this chair, elegant and essential in its simplicity. A solution created for demanding customers looking for a simple, linear and genuine design.

Infinity Console Laurameroni

Console in lacquered wood Lacca 61, characterized by a curved base with a geometric honeycomb design and a smooth top, Infinity revisits the unique detail of the geometric honeycomb base, enhancing it thanks to a series of soft curves. A console created to furnish modern and eclectic environments, and perfect for enhancing both private and public environments as a magnificent piece of art.

Metropol Sofa and Bench Laurameroni

A modular seating system with lacquered wood frame and upholstery in leather, fabric and velvet from the sample book, Metropol was born from the need to create a product with highly customizable aesthetic features and modular possibilities.

The strength of the project is the total customization of the finishes of both the external structure and the upholstered seats without neglecting the contemporary and elegant design that characterizes it.

Through its multiple modularity, different seating compositions can be designed, and by juxtaposing the various finishes proposed for the structure with a wide and sophisticated choice of fabrics and leathers for the upholstery, unique aesthetic and structural combinations are created that satisfy the most diverse tastes.

With the natural elegance of its presence, Metropol is perfect for residential living interiors, but reveals a strong hospitality attitude thanks to its compositional versatility.

Drapè Soleil Laurameroni

A swivel armchair with a theatrical and contemporary design, equipped with a lacquered metal base, Drapè Soleil features a round, welcoming shape and the Drapé collection’s distinctive and elegant draping in leather or velvet.

A genuine piece of art, the Drapé Soleil armchair features a unique design, contemporary proportions, and an emphatic, flashy, yet still refined look. A one-of-a-kind seat where the professionalism and creativity of our craftsmen and designers is expressed with the utmost emotionality.

Drapè Round Sofa Laurameroni

Drapé Round, proposed by the brand in a bright orange velvet, is the perfect piece of furniture for those seeking a warm and soft atmosphere.

Designed by Bartoli Design, Drapé Round is a modern rotating round sofa upholstered in leather or velvet, characterized by an elegant and special tailoring that decorates its forms with a rich and harmonious draping, a magical and enveloping seat, at once classic and contemporary, attractive to the touch and exciting in its forms. The irregularity of the handmade pleating makes each piece unique and unrepeatable, resulting in a rich and informal aesthetic.

Laurameroni Decor Day System

Wood cabinet system with Decor carving available in modules of different sizes and in all wood finishes in the collection or aniline-stained oak in all colors of the RAL scale. It is also available with metal niche and LED backlighting.

It is a flexible solution that offers different combinations in terms of size and integration with paneling and doors from the same collection. The sculpted surface once again underscores Laurameroni’s strong vocation for the treatment of materials and especially precious surfaces. Thanks to its elegance, this product can be installed in both private and public spaces, where the most demanding customers can find a flexible solution and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Ada Table Lamp Laurameroni

A sculptural table lamp that juxtaposes a typically Italian material with ancient origins like alabaster with satin-burnished brass: Ada Table by Laurameroni. An irregular polyhedral base designed to enhance the natural veining of alabaster and with a side in satin-finished brass and a lampshade with a rounded shape but with an unusual cut-out detail made of burnished brass: the result is a refined multifaceted accessory that gives different perspectives of light and space.

Novecentotrenta Lamp Laurameroni

The Novecentotrenta table lamp, named for its obvious tribute to the artistic avant-garde of the 1930s, features a goat parchment volume on a metal base. Four LEDs illuminate the lamp body from the inside with a warm, soft light, suitable for any type of environment, home or office.

Gaia Lamp Laurameroni

With Gaia, a led wall or ceiling lamp made of satin-finished brass, light becomes an architectural element. A sculpture of lines and circles, extremely geometric and with a strong scenic impact. The different configuration of the discs that house the led bulbs create countless variations of illumination and unique light effects.

Clis Lamp Laurameroni

The Clis pendant lamp features striking round covers born to be fully customizable and interchangeable: by choosing onyx, Liquid Metal and brass, the most beautiful winter tones are perfectly reproduced, lending a touch of glamour to any setting.

Laurameroni Lightwall System

A series of modular panels and modules of different sizes and depths with a burnished brass finish and white lacquered structure, Lightwall offers a series of panels of different sizes and depths that can be combined to create unique compositions. The aesthetic is driven by a strong materiality of surfaces and a flexible compositional system. It is a new way of thinking about and using lighting. The system lends itself to residential or contract use because of its flexibility and strong materiality.

Laurameroni Swirl Lamp

Swirl is the pendant lamp designed by Cesare Arosio: connected to the ceiling by thin spiral metal ropes that move following the harmonious and rounded shape of the disc of diffused light, Swirl represents a game of contrasts between the warm light reflected by the handcrafted brass structure and the hardness of the metal.

Work Light MA 01 Laurameroni Spotlight

Burnished brass spotlight prepared for wall or ceiling mounting, Work Light MA 01 is a technical lamp handcrafted in solid burnished brass for use in environments where light is a key element. Thanks to its design, this spotlight illuminates the room without sacrificing a sophisticated atmosphere.

The Two Souls of Laurameroni’s Signature Living

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