The unconventional design of Ghidini 1961

A fresh, bold and out-of-the-box collection: the Ghidini 1961 furnishings, a series of complements with a genuine presence, marked by premium materials, sharp lines and sinuous curves.

Ghidini 1961: An Inspirational Collection of Italian Design

Fluid design that flaunts functionality, beauty and ultra-modernism are the cornerstones of the 2022 collection. The Leisure Sofa with its sweeping, soft curves, expertly hooked by a leather and polished brass buckle, the Shaker sofa with its rigorous layout, the Bridge sofa with its iconic elliptical seat, and the Elephant sofa with its inviting fluid movement are a testament to our commitment to continue to create and surprise the design community,” says Stefano Giovannoni, Art Director of Ghidini 1961.

“The new tables and cabinets play with materials and inspirations like never before. The Locust, Shaker and Ottanta tables offer new perspectives by introducing notions of curves and unprecedented lines; while the Tarantino cabinet family is captivated by the curves and retro feel of their sofa families.”

The timeless metal-inspired heritage and fine craftsmanship of Ghidini 1961’s production inspire this collection with the various finishes in bronze, platinum and titanium, to name a few. Premium marbles and woods remain an integral part of the brand’s creative design and manufacturing processes.

Lorenza Bozzoli brands the Tarantino family of complements. The “Tarantino Manhattan” bar cabinet, declined in oak, with a pull-out top, drawers and side compartments to hold glasses and bottles lit internally. The aluminum cylinders that run vertically through the cabinet are, as in the entire “Tarantino” collection, the distinguishing element, and in this case they fulfill the function of a handle. The open compartment for cocktail preparation is illuminated by warm ambient light.

The “Tarantino Django,” on the other hand, is a low oak storage cabinet with shelves and open compartment arranged with grommet holes for Media/infotainment connections. Cylindrical aluminum elements characterize the aesthetics of the “Tarantino” series with the function of handles.

For the dining area here is the “Tarantino Gloria,” an oak storage unit with shelves and curved side doors. Here, too, cylindrical aluminum elements serve the function of handles.

Lorenza Bozzoli also designs the Leisure sofa and armchair and the Abbracci sofa for the Ghidini 1961 living area.

The Leisure modular sofa consists of two basic elements that are joined with a belt featuring a brass buckle. The seat is deep and comfortable with soft, sweeping curves.

The Abbracci modular sofa embodies the very idea of embrace, a gesture that conveys love and friendship, encapsulating more than a thousand words with elegance and simplicity and stimulating the serotonin of happiness and relaxation. Abbracci is wrapped in soft leathers or fabrics crowned by a brass tube at the base, emphasizing its curved, welcoming shape, while the design of the backrest complements this simple but important gesture.

Ghidini 1961 dining is dominated by the Ottanta table, designed by Lorenza Bozzoli. A dining table with a large rectangular top made of natural or dark-stained oak. The legs placed at the corners of the top are positioned at 45° with an aesthetic inspired by the 1980s. The version with a round top is in travertine marble with legs in the same material with aluminum inserts in various polished and satin manual finishes.

Stefano Giovannoni creates the Shaker sofa and armchair, the Bridge sofa and the Elephant sofa and armchair for living.

Shaker is a sofa of memory and sophisticated elegance. The rigorous layout of the cushions and backrest is combined with the precious metal detail elements that give the product a strong identity. The strap that holds the armrests and the wheels in continuity with the support feet, specially designed by the designer, are die-cast with the quality and craftsmanship that distinguishes the company’s master artisans.

Bridge is a large sofa characterized by a generous backrest shaped to envelop an elliptical seat suspended between its powerful arms. An iconic object of great expressive force capable of catalyzing the surrounding space.

Finally, Elephant is a large sofa characterized by a fluid movement that shapes the elliptical-section back that opens by lowering to create the armrest. The seat remains suspended between the armrests. Proposed here in an elegant nubuck leather finish.

For the dining area Stefano Giovannoni presents the Shaker and Locust tables. Shaker is a large six-legged table, a classic object cleverly redesigned to bring it back to a contemporary dimension. The elegant little metal wheel that characterizes the sofa, is here reproposed as the terminal of the sinuous turned legs allowing its movement. It is made of cherry wood and matte black lacquered wood. It can be customized in any size thanks to its modular structure.

Locust is a table characterized by an elegant movement of sharp surfaces that join the top with the legs. The resultant is a large complement with a refined, nervous design that evokes an insect in tension, ready to snap.

Ghidini 1961

The unconventional design of Ghidini 1961

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