Tomasella Living: An Ode to Intimate Elegance

Tomasella is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year as a manufacturer of furniture, occasional furniture and modular systems for the reception room and bedroom. This is an all-Italian story whose roots are firmly embedded in the past and whose vision is directed towards the future, with a single goal: to create quality, elegant and affordable furniture.

This continuously growing company knows how to listen to the market and interpret its changes through trendy collections appreciated in Italy and all over the world.

Tomasella introduces new products and collections, including: the Basilea sideboard, the Raise bookcase, the Atollo coffee table, the Atlante and Time systems for the living room.

Basilea sideboard

The original Tracks base with its double feet is one of the features of the Basilea sideboard by Tomasella. This model can be customised by adding fronts in various finishes and colours and by tops available in gloss or satin lacquered glass or in stoneware. In all the versions offered, the top is framed by an aluminium edging.

The sideboard is available in various sizes and is provided with a decorative, metal handle which is beyond functional, serving as a true aesthetic detail. With its linear and minimal design, Basilea can furnish any living room with style and elegance. 

Raise bookcase

Raise is a versatile project designed to adapt to all the requirements of everyday life and to satisfy new lifestyle changes that put the focus on the bookcase in the reception room.

The Tomasella company has developed this dynamic model whose functions evolve while still preserving its elegant appearance. Thanks to the possibility of adding a desk to its structure, Raise can even become a space to work or study from. A home office corner that fits in perfectly with the rest of the living room area can be easily created by just adding a seat.

The new Tomasella bookcase features a minimalist design that is inspired by the 70s with a contemporary and modern twist.
Shelves, modules with doors and drawers – perfect for hiding away all those items you don’t want to showcase – are secured to the wall structure and make the bookcase even more functional and tidy.

The shelves on Raise feature a black edge that lends a unique touch to this model by exposing and enhancing – just like the objects and books displayed on it – the core of the panel. Raise is available in many finishes and sizes. 

Atollo coffee table 

Occasional furniture fits harmoniously into the context of any room, making it more personal and functional. One of Tomasella’s new entries is Atollo, a versatile coffee table available in various shapes and sizes to satisfy all space and style requirements. 

Atollo is available with three types of round tops, a rectangular top and with a square one. All the versions – including its metal structure – are available in a wide range of finishes. Perfect in the living room, Atollo can be used by itself or in pairs. You can even combine different models for stunning results. 

Atlante system

The Atlante modular system by Tomasella is an extensive project containing many types of living room furniture and modern shelving units designed to furnish and customise the reception room, courtesy of the many finishes and modular pieces available on catalogue.
All the models let you furnish every space in line with the latest trends; they can be adapted to any context and coordinated with the numerous pieces of occasional furniture manufactured by the company.

The Atlante UNIT_AT101 arrangement offers an extensive range of customisable modular systems. The distinctive traits of this model are: the DOT wall unit, a functional and decorative element with a strong impact that brings to mind the shape of the moon; the raised Scenario base unit back panel and the Link panel with metal shelves. 

Time system

Time is the new, very versatile, living room system by Tomasella featuring modules of many sizes available with a new decorative surface offering very high performances.

The Time collection, a total novelty designed by Rossi & Co, stems from a partnership with the Swiss SWISSKRONO AG group and its SWISSCDF material, which has been granted exclusively to Tomasella in Italy for its modular living and bedroom systems. SWISSCDF is a panel made of very compact fibreboard – which is exactly what CDF stands for (Compact Density Fibreboard).

Thanks to its extraordinary density, it can be made into slimmer-than-standard panels while its black core can be either exposed or faced at the front with melamine. Alternatively, this material can be allowed to freely express its own personality thanks to a process that enhances both the flame- patterned oak surface and the authenticity of the natural wood contained inside it. This innovative material also offers new aesthetic and planning opportunities. Front incisions and decorations – as well as various types of workmanship – make the most of the features of this panel, creating interesting contrasts in terms of depths and colours. 


Tomasella Living: An Ode to Intimate Elegance

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