Torroncini with Hazelnuts, Dates and Raw Cocoa

A perfect combination of flavors for a gluten-free, and lactose- and sugar-free dessert. This Torroncini recipe with hazelnuts, dates and raw cocoa is an exclusive and, until now, secret recipe from Grezzo Raw Chocolate.

The Torroncini are made with a soft filling of dates, hazelnuts, gluten-free oatmeal and raw cocoa powder. The topping is made with raw cocoa, pure hazelnut paste, and coconut oil.

Ingredients for about 5/6 torroncini

Dates: 100 g
Warm water: 50 g
Oatmeal: 20 g
Hazelnut flour: 30 g
Raw cocoa powder: 20 g

Procedure for Making the Torroncini

For the filling of the torroncini

Prepare the dough in a bowl where all the ingredients will be combined. The dates should be softened in warm water for at least 30 minutes, rinsed and then blended with more warm water to obtain a puree. Then combine this puree with the oat flour, raw cocoa, hazelnut flour and a pinch of fine salt, kneading as you go to make a firm, elastic dough. When the dough is firm, add the whole hazelnuts so as to achieve a crunchy effect. Alternatively, the hazelnuts can be added to the dough once the individual portion is taken to make the torroncino.

For the torroncini

Each torroncino can be the desired shape and size. A silicone mold can be used or the shape can be made freehand. While making the mold, you can add whole hazelnuts inside to your liking.

Once the molds are ready, place them for about 1 hour in the freezer. At this point, move on to the preparation of the chocolate coating. In the blender glass, combine ⅖ of hazelnut paste, ⅖ of coconut oil and ⅕ of raw cocoa powder, for a total of about 100 g. As can be seen, there are no sweeteners. If you want to get a more lovable taste, you can add ⅕ of raw cocoa butter. Once blended, the mixture should be creamy but not liquid. If it is too liquid, add raw cocoa to give it more body.

After the hour in the freezer has passed, place the nougat shapes on a sheet of parchment paper or on a baking rack with a baking sheet underneath. Lay the fillings on the sheet and slowly drip the chocolate coating over them. Upon contact with the cold filling, the chocolate will immediately become thick and shiny. As soon as this is done, decorate each torroncino with hazelnut flour using two fingers.

At this point the Torroncini hazelnuts, dates and raw chocolate are ready to be stored in the refrigerator and served at room temperature.

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Torroncini with Hazelnuts, Dates and Raw Cocoa

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