An Icon of Italian Design Moves Outdoors

The Tucroma chair, cult object of design created by Architect Guido Faleschini over 50 years ago, returns with a fresh-air twist.

4Mariani, the historic Italian family-owned company, considered among the ambassadors of Made in Italy design in the world, proudly announces its partnership with Sutherland Furniture, a leading international American company in the outdoor design furniture sector.

4Mariani in Partnership with Sutherland Furniture

The occasion is the launch of the outdoor re-edition of the famous Tucroma chair, the Tucroma 316, which will be produced in Mariano Comense, a town in the province of Como, and distributed exclusively by the U.S. brand.

“The history of the Tucroma chair has been linked since its beginnings to exclusive partnerships with important U.S. brands that have heralded its success and global fame. The collaboration with a company of the caliber of Sutherland Furniture is a source of prestige for 4Mariani and renews our company’s historic association with major American groups, testifying to the international vision and openness with which 4Mariani has always approached markets that are geographically distant but close in terms of entrepreneurial, stylistic and production affinities,” says Stefano Mariani, Managing Director of 4Mariani.

Icon of Style

Designed by Architect Guido Faleschini in the early 1970s, the Tucroma chair continues to represent, more than 50 years after its first appearance at the Milan Furniture Fair in 1971, a revolutionary and surprisingly contemporary product.

The simple and essential linearity of the chrome-plated tubular steel frame, the expertly crafted leather and hide, and the exquisitely vintage style have, over time, consecrated the Tucroma chair as an icon of Italian design, a true object of desire for designers, collectors and design enthusiasts.

The Tucroma Heads Outdoors

From Mariano Comense, home of 4Mariani since 1957 and heart of the Brianza furniture district, to Dallas, Texas, home of Sutherland Furniture’s headquarters, and from the indoors to the outdoors, a new bridge between Italy and the U.S. is being ushered in to create yet another exciting chapter in the Tucroma’s history.

The Tucroma 316, designed for the first time for open-air use, combines Faleschini’s original design and 4Mariani’s sartorial attention to detail with Sutherland Furniture’s recognized expertise in outdoor furniture production.

The unmistakable profile of the Tucroma chair, enhanced by the characteristic leather straps that run between the backrest and seat, a factor that is both decorative and functional, thus finds an unprecedented place in outdoor dining, an ideal extension of indoor environments in the warmer months. The reticulated foam upholstery and Marine Grade 316 steel frame preserve the aesthetics and quality of the materials, allowing prolonged exposure to even particularly aggressive atmospheric agents.

Comfort, craftsmanship, performance and refinement meet in a product that enhances 4Mariani’s know-how and expresses its ability to export worldwide thanks to the implementation of exclusive relationships with partners of excellence.

Tucroma 316 once again demonstrates the eternal appeal of 4Mariani products and classics of Italian design, the subject of continuous interpretations and reinterpretations that, while in the name of innovation, manage to convey their original identity and charm, remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration for generations of designers and enthusiasts.


An Icon of Italian Design Moves Outdoors

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