V-ZUG Ultra-Compact Refrigerated Wine Cooler

Minimalist design and advanced cooling functions in compact dimensions: the WineCooler V4000 45 from V-ZUG is the most compact wine refrigerator in its class.

The Refrigerated Wine Cooler of Refined Design

This Swiss-made product is designed especially for wine connoisseurs who want to store their favorite bottles at the desired temperature for a refined tasting experience.

The WineCooler V4000 45 applies the impressive design of the Excellence Line to a small footprint, presenting clean lines and a mirrored glass front perfectly matching the aesthetics of V-ZUG ovens and steamers and other products in this range, suggesting a new dimension in interior design.

WineCooler V4000 45 V-ZUG: wine cellar for 17 bottles

With the WineCooler V4000 45, connoisseurs can store up to 17 bottles to best present them at the time of tasting. The flexible Swiss beech shelves are removable, so you can select the desired bottle. The bottom shelf can also be placed in angled presentation mode to surprise guests with first-class service.

WineCooler V4000 45 V-ZUG: perfection in the details

The WineCooler V4000 45 features a handle-less door that can be easily opened by TouchOpen, which is a slight pressure, while the SoftClose function slows down the closing of the refrigerator door to allow for gentle closing.

Timed lighting softly illuminates the interior for an elegant presentation of bottles in the refrigerator. Silence is golden: The SilentPlus anti-noise feature reduces refrigerator noise to a faint, virtually inaudible rustle.


V-ZUG Ultra-Compact Refrigerated Wine Cooler

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