A Dialogue Between Man and Nature on the Island of Grado

Very Wood’s collaborations with important projects in the contract world move at different latitudes around the world. The quality of craftsmanship and the high level of customization allow the company to propose versatile furniture that can embrace different scenarios and fit perfectly into interior design landscapes, juxtaposing with ease with other elements.

Laguna Faro Suites & Very Wood

One example of this is the Laguna Faro Suites in Grado, a hotel reserved for a high-end adult clientele that revolves around the concepts of relaxation and privacy, opened in early summer and shaped by the professionalism of the architecture firm Archest, and Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, a name already very familiar in the universe of Very Wood.

The project stems from the desire to combine incomparable views of the sea with first-class but still authentic and highly personalized hospitality.

Architecture and territory are in close relationship: in fact, the inspiration comes from the dialogue between man and nature. The colorful world of the island of Grado, located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is represented in each of its spaces in a mixture of colors that from earthy hues fade to light blue, passing through the bright shades of green, to which is also added the memory of the gesture of humanity that has adapted its habits and technologies to the environment that surrounds it.

The Hand of Patricia Urquiola

Interpreting the changing needs of guests who experience hotellerie environments, Patricia Urquiola designed the interiors of the Laguna Faro as an especially well-kept, light-flooded and uniquely designed retreat, drawing inspiration from the Casoni (traditional fishermen’s houses) and bringing inside materials typical of the lagoon landscape as well as warm colors and stylish furnishings.

Contributing to the characterization of the 34 rooms and suites are dining armchairs from the Zant collection and Zantilam lounge chairs by Very Wood, designed by the Spaniard herself. The welcoming shapes and strong personality of the seats, declined in black lacquered ash and upholstered in neutral-hued fabric or natural ash and dark upholstery, help create the right atmosphere of relaxation and well-being.

Zant and Zantilam share a steam-curved ash frame, a technique that does not guarantee the wood constant bending radii and makes each product unique, revealing the material’s more poetic matrix. Thanks also to the Very Wood collections, the design elements combine high craftsmanship with technological innovation and tell the story of the tradition of the place through an original and contemporary style, accentuating the relationship between interior and exterior.

Patricia Urquiola’s design approach can also be recognized in the bistro spaces of the Laguna Faro Suites, conceived under the banner of fluidity to give form, soul and function to the dining environments. This context also includes the impeccable aesthetics of the bar stool and dining armchair from the Zantilam collection, in the soft nuances of natural ash and light-colored upholstery, which gracefully and essentially furnish the breakfast areas.

Very Wood’s intervention in the context of the Laguna Faro Suites is aimed at achieving the highest standards of quality, inspired by well-being and comfort, the common denominator of which is the craftsmanship of the performers, the precision of the product, the attention to detail, the constructive care and the careful selection of materials.

Laguna Faro Suites

Very Wood

A Dialogue Between Man and Nature on the Island of Grado

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