The Complete Harmonious Experience of Allegrìo Restaurant

In the capital, on Via Vittorio Veneto, a symbol of Rome’s Dolce Vita, the Allegrìo restaurant opens, a new destination place of international ambient food, where Food Experience, Lifestyle, and Home Decor blend harmoniously.

What’s The Mood Today?

An idea created by Sabrina Corbo, who with Allegrìo has created an innovative concept in which contemporary Italian cuisine is the protagonist. A restaurant where it is not the diner who adapts to the place, but it is the place that adapts to the diner. There are in fact four rooms in the restaurant, each with its own theme and menu: Joyful, Lucky, Intrepid, and In Love.

A Warm Welcome and Tantalizing Tastes

Guests are welcomed to the location with a sense of warmth and good living. On the central wall of the Lounge the artwork of bronze sculptor Marco Riccardi captivates the eye with a long wood and bronze bar and internationally renowned British-German light designer Moritz Waldemeyer created his unprecedented installation “Where the Stars Align,” a chandelier of floating candles and symbols that refer to Allegrìo’s halls.

In a mix of decorations, hand-painted wallpaper designs, and iconic works by celebrated Neapolitan sculptor Lello Esposito, patrons have the opportunity to enjoy samples of the cuisine led by Daniele Creti and pizza by Ivano Veccia and Peppe Aiello.


The Complete Harmonious Experience of Allegrìo Restaurant

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