Sensual Silhouettes with Vincent van Duysen’s Yoell by Molteni&C

Vincent van Duysen, a profound connoisseur of the history of modern design, with Molteni&C’s Yoell re-imagines in a contemporary key an archetype that originated in the mid-1950s, particularly in Latin America: the relax armchair, itself derived from the hammock, a traditional piece of furniture in this geographical area.

The versatility of the Yoell Armchair by Molteni&C

Equipped with an elegant frame in Black Ash, Eucalyptus and Sunrise Oak, Yoell reflects by profoundly renewing the distinctive feature of the relax armchair, born to relax on patios, terraces and living rooms caressed by the tropical climate.

Vincent van Duysen’s Yoell – All-in-one system

In his version, Vincent van Duysen underscores the break with the original seating systems, characterized by free-floating sheets or straw upholstery, by designing an entirely new element. A shell, molded and anatomically shaped through the use of a thin layer of polyurethane, which finds its natural home by hooking onto the two crosspieces, lower and upper, of the structure.

The result is a seamless integrated seat and back system with exceptional comfort. Yoell is offered with fabric, leather or leather upholstery from the Molteni&C range.

“With Yoell, the starting point was a type of chair employed in the Latin world. Yoell thus reveals itself as the protagonist of the living area, with a modern soul and in step with the times. The lounge chair embodies a peculiar dynamism due to its fluid, curvilinear and sensual lines. Those who sit on it feel a sense of protection, as if wrapped in a warm embrace,” says Vincent Van Duysen.


Sensual Silhouettes with Vincent van Duysen’s Yoell by Molteni&C

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