Which Wine to Pair with Beef Carpaccio

A refined and easy-to-prepare second course: beef carpaccio. But which wine to pair with it? Here is the advice of Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni.

Beef Carpaccio with Centocampi Malvasia Bianca 2018 Coppi Casa Vinicola

“An articulate and complete series of wines that highlights the versatility of Coppi Casa Vinicola. A white of exceptional enological clarity, Centocampi Malvasia Bianca 2018, maintains the varietal’s floral and grapey aromas.” Straw yellow in colour, with almost aromatic notes of white-fleshed fruit, with hints of almond and flowers, this wine is persistent and intense, with rich full flavors that are both soft and sapid.


Beef Carpaccio with Kerner Aristos 2018 Cantina Valle Isarco

Cantina Valle Isarco proposes great wines made from great fruits. What a treasure trove of aroma from the native grapes, and what crystal-clear oenological transformations. In every sense this wine displays the clean and clear splendour of the various varietal’s olfactory profiles, with notes of peach and kiwi in the Kerner Aristos 2018.” The wine is characterised by a greenish to straw-yellow colour, a dry, full-body and lively flavour, spicy with a hint of muscat, a fruity, aromatic bouquet with character and great elegance, with hints of peach.



Which Wine to Pair with Beef Carpaccio

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