Pairing Wines with Roast Chicken

Cooked in the oven or on the grill, either way roast chicken is actually of the absolute favorite dishes of Italians. A meal that is simple and laid back, it can also be unlevelled with the right glass of wine – but which wine pairing goes with roast chicken? Here are a few ideas from Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni.

Wine Pairing – Roast Chicken with a Rosé

Cirò Rosato Tenuta Iuzzolini

“There is in this glass no alteration or distortion whatsoever of the native analytical and sensory value of its admirable grapes. The wines of Tenuta Iuzzolini unveil clean and intact the aromatic treasure of the fruits of Calabria, revealing exceptional organoleptic qualities in their resplendent aromas. The silky Cirò Rosato is a rosé with a floral fruitiness.”

Salmon pink in color with cherry highlights, the fine wine chosen by Luca Maroni for pairing with roast chicken has a delicate, floral bouquet with hints of and spices. On the palate it is smooth and harmonious.

Tenuta Iuzzolini

Wine Pairing – Roast Chicken with a Tocai

Tai Rosso Thovara Piovene Porto Godi

“Grapes of great power of pulp and sunshine create such dense and powerful wines from Piovene Porto Godi. The Tai Rosso Thovara is of turgid and fiery residual oxidative vivacity.”

A wine of good structure and great elegance, it has a deep ruby red color with pronounced purplish highlights, revealing aromas of red fruits like raspberry, currant, cherry, morello cherry, along with hints of peat, graphite and dried red roses. It is also well suited to aging.

Piovene Porto Godi

Wine Pairing – Roast Chicken with a Chardonnay

Chardonnay Maso Reiner Alto Adige Kettmeir

“Kettmeir’s Maso Reiner Alto Adige Chardonnay is of majestic texture, of harmonious sphericity, and the marriage of the sweetnesses of its fruit, spice and flower cause its coat to deepen with aroma into even greater persuasiveness.

It rests the lips with its fantastic softness, and absolutely exquisite persuasiveness. To the nose it evokes scents of such floral-spiced delicacy that one cannot but find universally pleasing the taste of this genre of wine. Whites like this are hard to top, offering pulp, dense texture and fabulous softness, never tannic or bitterly gripping. Thus it is difficult to resist drinking such an exceptional sample: an essence of grape and banana of natural, original fragrance and freshness, from grapes that are fully ripe yet imbued with a vegetal and chlorophyllous minty sap. Fruit turned into wine with impeccable enology, of oxidative intactness absolutely the best. It is rendered irresistible by its floral astral persuasiveness and its souplesse of drinking.”


Pairing Wines with Roast Chicken

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