Pairing Wines with Spaghetti and Clams

A classic first course with the scent of the sea: spaghetti with clams, among the most beloved seafood recipes. Ah, but which wine pairing goes best with it? Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni recommends three fine options.

Spaghetti and Clams with a Nosiola

Nosiola Vigneti delle Dolomiti Maso Grener

“A purity and richness of grape aroma, a transformative oenological cleanness of such clarity and respect, that the fruit in Maso Grener’s glass can be felt and enjoyed with its untainted native fragrance. There is a floral character flanked by the pulp of pear in this delicate Nosiola Vigneti delle Dolomiti.”

Maso Grener’s Nosiola, first among the wine pairings indicated by Luca Maroni to accompany spaghetti alle vongole, is a subtle and fragrant wine, fresh as an alpine breeze. The bouquet is reminiscent of pulpy stone fruit, and a bouquet of spring flowers picked in the vineyard. Each sip is bright, refreshing, and lively.

Spaghetti and Clams with a Chardonnay

Rudhir Chardonnay Jasci and Marchesani

“Jasci & Marchesani is a wine of rare viticultural and enological value. The excellence of the grape cultivation is evident in the observation of the extractive richness of the various wines, samples with a twist in terms of concentration that at once is pulp, then cream. The virtues of winemaking technical transformation are discernible in the intensity and purity of the aroma, its appeal to the fruit is of unmitigated splendor, of crystalline varietal purity. The Rudhir Chardonnay, an archetypal white whose sweetness of pear and confection glaze is of absolute density and olfactory splendor.”

Spaghetti and Clams with a Vermentino

Le Coste Vermentino Federici

” The Federici wine selection is of exceptional analytical and sensory quality. Le Coste Vermentino is a great wine, of outstanding purity and spicy aroma, with its dense pulp and stupendous allure of flavor.”

The third and final wine pairing suggested by Luca Maroni for pairing with spaghetti alle vongole is golden yellow in color. The nose unleashes a broad bouquet in which notes of caramelized almonds are discernible combined with pleasant nuances of spicy tones, honey, ripe pineapple and apple. On the palate it is dry, very persistent and well balanced.

Pairing Wines with Spaghetti and Clams

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